Fernando ready to roll

Robin Brownlee
September 09 2008 01:43PM

From where he was one year ago to where he is today is mind-boggling, if you think about.

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The Oilers are dreamy

Amber McCormick
September 08 2008 07:50PM

With the off-season ambling to a close, we've recalled all of our writers to OilersNation World Headquarters™. Some returned from far-off lands in moonshine-powered airships, while others simply abandoned their boxes on Jasper Avenue

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Smoke, or smoke and mirrors?

Jonathan Willis
September 08 2008 04:21PM

I’m one of those people who oscillates between optimism and pessimism when it comes to the Edmonton Oilers this coming season.

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Men behaving badly

September 08 2008 12:09PM

If our new colleague Lowetide can discuss the starting rotation of the 1978 Montreal Expos and somehow relate it to hockey, we can talk about the train wreck wrapped in a image disaster that is the situation between Chad Johnson and the Cincinnati Bengals.

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Northwest Division Preview: Vancouver Canucks Part II

Jonathan Willis
September 07 2008 08:24PM

Welcome to Part II of the Vancouver Canucks preview. You can find Part I here.

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