Three things we can’t wrap our minds around

July 08 2009 09:58AM


What do you do when it’s the middle of the off season and you are supposed to talk Oilers 24/7? What if there is no Oilers news? What if all of a sudden the site has grown again and now 21,000 people have visited the website in the past two days wanting to read Oilers related somethings and only that?  We can't handle this kind of pressure! You people are animals and y-

*starts to cry*

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Northwest review (US edition)

Jean Lefebvre
July 07 2009 08:15PM


Those ill-conceived knee-jerk rushes to judgment after the first few days of the free-agency period are so annoying, mostly because they get in the way of our own ill-conceived knee-jerk rushes to judgment.

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Oklahoma City Council Approves AHL Franchise

Jonathan Willis
July 07 2009 01:44PM


Patrick Laforge has been making noises this past week about putting an AHL franchise in Oklahoma City, something that the local papers jumped on after the CHL’s Blazers ceased operations to make room for an AHL club. Today, the possibility of Oilers’ prospects playing in Oklahoma is one step closer to reality.

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A superstar is coming to Edmonton

Jason Gregor
July 07 2009 08:54AM

Sorry Oiler fans but it isn’t Dany Heatley, at least not yet

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Limbo: spin to come?

Robin Brownlee
July 06 2009 03:43PM


By keeping quiet and not saying "no" to the Edmonton Oilers, Dany Heatley has left himself an out should he run out of options and end up having to shake hands with GM Steve Tambellini.

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