Gregor's Experiment: the results

Jason Gregor
September 02 2010 03:22PM

Walking into the studio at 2:55pm yesterday, I was more nervous prior to a show than I have been in at least five years. For many it seemed like a great opportunity — to get drunk at work. But I was so stressed that I would come off sounding like an imbecile my gut was actually churning when I turned on the mic.

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Those $%#@&# bloggers: what to do?

Robin Brownlee
September 02 2010 01:37PM

Hockey blogs and hockey bloggers aren't going anywhere. That's a reality the Edmonton Oilers and other NHL teams have to accept and come to grips with, and the sooner the better.

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RE 10-11: Skill Forwards

September 01 2010 05:07PM

There are 6 slots for 7 skill forwards on the 10-11 Oilers depth chart. Penner, Hemsky, Gagner and Hall are a lock, but the rest of the group is a moving target. It is so fluid we may well be having the same conversation one year from now.

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Robin Brownlee
September 01 2010 12:56PM

Getting behind the wheel of a car after consuming any amount of alcohol is a bad idea. And, at various established thresholds -- be it at .05 or .08, whatever -- doing so is illegal. We all know that, or should.

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September 01 2010 12:12PM

It's no secret that your ol' pal Wanye has a love on for Edmonton. Heck, we have a 1/38 scale drawing of Phase I of WEM tattooed on our back. But every now and again the City we love goes out and embarasses itself on the international stage.

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