You wanna hurt Matt Greene? Try again sucka

June 24 2008 09:08AM


The guy who hit Matt Greene with his SUV in 2006 was sentenced yesterday in an Edmonton Courtroom

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Draft comes, draft goes. Wanye whines

June 23 2008 09:59AM


Well 15 per cent of you who voted in the draft poll were correct. The Oilers done gone and drafted another centreman

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Lost in translation

June 20 2008 10:45AM


By now you’ve probably read that K-Lowe has 22 trade offers sitting in his inbox as we head into the draft.

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Big name hunting

Robin Brownlee
June 19 2008 10:00AM


I said it before and I'll say it again—Kevin Lowe's focus at the 2008 Entry Draft in Ottawa Friday will be on making a trade for an established first-line forward, not on moving up from 22nd in selection order.

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Should Lowe burn Burke again?

June 19 2008 08:10AM


So you’re sitting there and you’re Kevin Lowe (awesome I know, but pay attention).

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