December 12 2011 07:39PM

Expecting a trade before the period around the deadline is folly for Oiler fans. It is a very rare thing--in fact, the last major trade in the deep fall for this organization was Guerin for Carter. What would it take for the Oilers to change their modus operandi?

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Jason Gregor
December 12 2011 09:02AM

When Taylor Hall was injured on November 26th the Oilers said he'd be out 2-4 weeks. Two weeks was this past Saturday, and if you split his diagnosis down the middle three weeks will be this Saturday in San Jose. The Oilers play Thursday in Phoenix, and I suspect we might see Hall either Thursday or Saturday.

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Nation Network Hockey Pool, December 11th Edition

Jonathan Willis
December 11 2011 10:05PM

Another week, another update of the Nation Network Hockey Pool. This week features a new leader in the standings.

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Robin Brownlee
December 11 2011 06:05PM

In the end, it doesn't matter who is to blame, what went wrong or why it went bad. When a relationship has passed the point of no return, it's not a matter of if it ends, but when. You can almost hear the tick, tick, tick of time winding down. I suspect the Edmonton Oilers and Ales Hemsky are nearing the start of that countdown.

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December 11 2011 11:44AM

When it comes to minor league teams, Oiler history is a "mixed bag." Some seasons delivered quality prospects while the minor league team was a loser or also-ran, and some teams were winners without sending much to the show. This year's OKC Barons have a lot of interesting stories.

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