I’ll take 'Things I never thought would happen for $400, Alex'

January 25 2008 09:51AM


Sweet merciful tap-dancing 6lb 7oz baby Jesus!

We aren’t afraid to admit that we were sitting in front of our TV, drinking household cleaner and screaming at the screen for most of the night.

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Sometimes copying someone is flattery…

January 24 2008 03:56PM


(click to enlarge) 

And sometimes it ain’t. So we got an email today:

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If playoff chances were milk, we’d be healthy!

January 24 2008 10:19AM


So a professor at the U of A has pegged the chances the Oilers make the playoffs at 1%.

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Who writes this garbage?

January 23 2008 09:39AM


In our neverending quest to find some decent sports coverage of the Oilers, we thought we would give a read to edmontonoilers.com and see their take on the game. If this is what passes for sports journalism in Oil Country, we weep for the children.

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Why we hate reading the sports sections in Edmonton

January 22 2008 10:50AM


Let’s open the old sports page to see what’s crackin with the Mighty Oil this morning.

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