GDB 69: Copper & Blue face the Blues on this Day of Green

Jason Gregor
March 17 2009 03:11PM

While many of you are already at Ceili’s, O’Brynes or some other Irish pub pounding meal-in-a-glass Guinness and celebrating like you actually have some Irish blood in you, the Oilers are looking to avoid a 4th straight overtime loss. And if you’re an historian or a believer in fate, destiny or voodoo it doesn’t look good for the Edmonton Oilers tonight. Saint Patrick, prior to the 20th century was always depicted in blue rather than green, so with the Blues in town tonight they could have some historic luck on their side.

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Under pressure

Robin Brownlee
March 17 2009 03:10PM

Funny thing how expectations work. When there are none, you get rolls like the Edmonton Oilers fashioned in their final 20 games last season as they went 14-5-1 and looked like the 1957 Montreal Canadiens doing it.

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The Bounces

Jonathan Willis
March 17 2009 03:10PM


Alexander Ovechkin is probably the most popular player with the fans in the National Hockey League. He’s certainly it’s most electrifying figure -- for all of the league’s efforts to put forward Sidney Crosby as the face of the game it is Ovechkin, a flashier, more physically imposing player with some genuine charisma who has claimed that role.

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Lessons from Texas

March 17 2009 12:07PM


In an attempt to shake off the late-winter-damn-the-oil-suck blues we decided to go to Dallas last week and watch Erik Cole and his beloved Hurricanes play some southern hockey.

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Western Conference Bubble Teams: Last Ten Games

Jonathan Willis
March 17 2009 10:01AM


We all know how bad the Oilers have seemed of late.

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