'Blogroll? Huh?'

June 12 2008 11:13AM


I’ve alluded to this in previous comments sections, but a blogroll for this site is forthcoming once our new design is completed.

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UPDATE: HNIC theme to be dropped by CBC!

June 09 2008 02:10PM


**UPDATE 2: Found this via Cult of Hockey. Apparently, CTV now owns the rights to "The Hockey Theme."

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Let’s make a deal

Robin Brownlee
June 07 2008 11:37PM


It's far more likely Edmonton Oilers GM Kevin Lowe will make a trade for a significant roster player at the 2008 Entry Draft than it is he'll swing a deal to move up from 22nd in selection order.

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ZOMG Wings!!!!11!ONE

June 05 2008 09:43AM


Good morning, lambs. I trust you've all begun the long recovery from the SCF parties you attended last night.

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Things that makes us go SCHWINGGGGG for $100, Alex

June 05 2008 08:29AM


From the Edmonton Sun on June 4, 2008:

"I think there's potential there that we could conceivably do a three-for-one type deal

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