Sometimes copying someone is flattery…

January 24 2008 03:56PM


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And sometimes it ain’t. So we got an email today:

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If playoff chances were milk, we’d be healthy!

January 24 2008 10:19AM


So a professor at the U of A has pegged the chances the Oilers make the playoffs at 1%.

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Who writes this garbage?

January 23 2008 09:39AM


In our neverending quest to find some decent sports coverage of the Oilers, we thought we would give a read to and see their take on the game. If this is what passes for sports journalism in Oil Country, we weep for the children.

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Why we hate reading the sports sections in Edmonton

January 22 2008 10:50AM


Let’s open the old sports page to see what’s crackin with the Mighty Oil this morning.

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Wouldn’t it be fun to try and negotiate a contract with Oilers ownership?

January 22 2008 10:43AM


All Katz has done is be born and raised in Edmonton, go to the U of A, make a gajillion dollars, offer to buy the team for more than twice what was paid for it in 1997, and offer to finance a huge chunk of a new arena.

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