Video from last night's game

January 30 2008 10:23AM

For those of you who understand the Pingping analogy, we offer you this.

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Oilers vs Sharks: two different worlds collide

January 30 2008 10:21AM


When we finished watching the “effort” that the Oilers put in against the Sharks last night, two people sprung to mind: Bao Xishun and He Pingping.

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Katz raises bid for the Oilers to 4 billion nickels

January 29 2008 10:23AM


It's true what they say you know: $20 million soothes the savage beast. Or is it "$200 million in the hand beats Jim Balsillie in the bush"?

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Finish this sentence, Nation readers!

January 29 2008 09:55AM


"When I look at Alexander Ovechkin, and realize that he makes over $110,000 US per game I think to myself ___________________."

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Katz quitting Rexall, focusing on career as Rob Schneider’s stunt double

January 28 2008 11:05AM


OilersNation, Alberta—In a stunning turn of events, Edmonton billionaire Daryl Katz has decided to abandon his career of being really, really rich to play the stunt double of veteran comedic actor Rob Schneider in the upcoming movie Deuce Bigalow 3: Another Waste of Time.

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