The Rush to Judgement

Jonathan Willis
August 11 2009 06:30AM


The hockey world is roundly condemning Patrick Kane after reports that he and his cousin had been charged with assaulting a cab driver and depriving him of his fare. Some of that condemnation has occurred on this website.

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Oilers 11th: THN jumps the gun

Robin Brownlee
August 10 2009 10:53PM


Apparently, being first means being best because with training camp still several weeks away, The Hockey News is picking the Edmonton Oilers to finish 11th in the Western Conference.

Now, I'm not convinced the Oilers are a playoff team this coming season, but picking them, or any other team for that matter, to finish in a particular spot seems just a tad premature, don't you think? Maybe wait until, what, the first week of September? Or until preseason? What's the hurry, THN?

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Gloomy Gus: the bad old times

Robin Brownlee
August 10 2009 03:40PM


The Era of Ineptitude that was 1992-93 to 1995-96 for the Edmonton Oilers was supposed to be a low point never to be duplicated, but the 2009-10 edition of the Copper and Blue is poised to earn its share of infamy.

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Patrick Kane self destructs

August 10 2009 02:36PM


Wow. Just wow.

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Do you see what I see, edition V

Jason Gregor
August 10 2009 02:12PM

Another weekend came and went, and once again I ingested far too many Limons and water, grenades and copious beers, yet I still managed to make it home without acting like a complete douchebag towards a cab driver.

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