Rexall ice and Stoll's new life

September 06 2008 11:01AM

Remember when Rexall Ice was the envy of the league and ice maker Dan Craig was carried around on the shoulders of the Oilers after every game in celebration?

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Get a move on, Sundin

September 05 2008 08:52AM

Mats Sundin needs to pack it in. There. We said it. It’s about time someone told the truth.

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Laddy, is that you?

Robin Brownlee
September 04 2008 11:45PM

The smile looked familiar, but I had to do a double-take in the dressing room the other day when Ladislav Smid walked in with his equipment bag slung over his shoulder.

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Major news: OilersNation signs 'The Godfather of the Blogosphere'

September 04 2008 02:29PM

We've said it many times in many different articles

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Wanye goes fishing for another Marian

September 04 2008 10:29AM

Now that it appears that the chances of Hossa coming to Edmonton are slim for the start of the season, we always keep a sharp eye out for stories of stars that are experiencing trouble with their current club.

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