Ashes By Now

August 28 2010 08:55AM

The job of an NHL scout is to project into the future. Their friends are knowledge, experience, other scouts, the tailor-made computer program, miles and miles of blacktop and sheer freaking luck. Their odds are so poor anyone not absolutely married to the career would drop it based on logic and reason within the three month trial period.

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Robin Brownlee
August 27 2010 08:27PM

Nikolai Khabibulin won't have to wait very long to find out the legal price he'll pay for his DUI and related convictions today -- the Edmonton Oilers goaltender will be sentenced in Arizona Tuesday.

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August 27 2010 11:59AM

Oh these arena haters over in Willis article today. They are just a special breed aren't they?

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August 27 2010 07:40AM

This is Jay McKee. 32 years old, veteran, great shot blocker. Free Agent. And he's not alone.

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The Books

Jonathan Willis
August 26 2010 07:22PM

One of the key arguments behind Daryl Katz’s drive to get a new arena built in downtown Edmonton is that the Oilers are losing money and aren’t economically viable in their current facility. Given that those around the team have stressed this point repeatedly, I wonder if there was any face-palming when Oilers V.P. of communication and broadcast, Allan Watt, started talking about the Oilers’ revenue flow with the local media.

Discussing the hiring of play-by-play man Jack Michaels, Watt included the following gem:

“We have a $3-billion industry (NHL), we’re a $120-million business and there are no borders in our business.

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