Northwest Division Goaltenders Vs. Average

Jonathan Willis
July 09 2009 08:44AM


What kind of player is a league-average goaltender? How do goaltenders in the Northwest Division stack up?

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Northwest review, part two

Jean Lefebvre
July 08 2009 10:30PM


After touching on the off-season activities of the Wild and Avalanche in a previous entry, we now discuss those other three teams in the Northwest Division.

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And they called Mike Gillis a fool

Ryan Lambert
July 08 2009 02:27PM


Oh yes, the cap hit the Philadelphia Flyers incurred for Chris Pronger on that seven-year deal seemed big, especially because he's 34 years old already. But what the hell, right? If he retired at any point in the final three or four years, it would cost them next to nothing, right?

Well, the NHL doesn't think so, and the fallout is a cautionary tale all NHL teams should really keep an eye on.

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Does It Make Sense To Bring Back Ales Kotalik?

Jonathan Willis
July 08 2009 11:34AM


Ales Kotalik impressed Oilers’ fans during his brief post-trade deadline cameo. He may also have impressed Oilers’ management enough that they want to bring him back.

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Three things we can’t wrap our minds around

July 08 2009 09:58AM


What do you do when it’s the middle of the off season and you are supposed to talk Oilers 24/7? What if there is no Oilers news? What if all of a sudden the site has grown again and now 21,000 people have visited the website in the past two days wanting to read Oilers related somethings and only that?  We can't handle this kind of pressure! You people are animals and y-

*starts to cry*

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