Robin Brownlee
July 08 2011 02:24PM

Loyal. Gullible. Passionate. Bitter.

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Parallel Paths

Jonathan Willis
July 08 2011 10:55AM


Objects on a parallel course give us an interesting example of unification and divergence. On the one hand, they are travelling along the same path, moving towards a common destination, and they never diverge from that path. On the other hand, they never converge; that is to say that despite all the similarities of their path they remain as far apart from each other at the end of their course as they did at the beginning.

What on Earth am I talking about here?

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Sail On, Tall Tree from Minnetonka

July 08 2011 06:48AM

It took three years, but we finally have Stu (Magnificent Bastard) MacGregor's first official bust at the draft table.

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Big Yann or Big Yawn?

July 07 2011 06:41AM

Over the years I've learned that when it comes to signing free agents the Edmonton Oilers can fool you. Sometimes the big money guys are here for a good time (not a long time) and the secondary moderns are the ones follow. 

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Edmonton Oilers Clutch Scoring, 2010-11

Jonathan Willis
July 06 2011 08:40PM

One of the most frequent requests I get via Twitter and email is for data on clutch scoring. There’s a common belief that some players pad their totals in meaningless games, while others switch off when the game is out of reach (for good or ill).

It’s not something just believed by fans, either. Mike Smith, the former general manager and founder of Coleman Analytics, charges NHL teams for this information (background here and here).

Given the wide belief in this sort of thing, and the requests I’ve received, I put together data on when individual Oilers players scored in 2010-11.

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