April 03 2012 12:51PM

With two games remaining on the Edmonton Oilers 2011-12 NHL season we find ourselves caring more about the 29th place local squadron then how the big shots at the top of the NHL ladder are faring. Call us a simple minded Edmontonian with hotdogs in each hand - but whatever.

Amidst all the suck, two topics are sticking out in our mind as of prime importance.

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Jonathan Willis
April 03 2012 09:51AM

Smyth, Horcoff, Jones, Belanger. Belanger, Jones, Horcoff, Smyth.

When people talk about “the veterans” in derisive tones, typically they’re talking about two or three of this group.

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Hart and Soul

April 02 2012 03:39PM

For the second spring in a row, Teemu Hartikainen is impressing at the NHL level. Last spring, he played well enough after callup to be considered a strong option (at least by the fanbase) for 11-12. It was not to be. Will this fall be be different for Hartikainen? What does Oiler history tell us?

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Jason Gregor
April 02 2012 11:31AM

Clearly at this point of the season it would be better to finish 29th than 28th. The Oilers would draft higher, either 2nd, 3rd or 4th depending on the outcome of the lottery next Tuesday.

The Oilers and Canadiens are tied with 73 points, but the Oilers own the tiebreaker due to more ROW (regulation and OT wins). The Oilers play  two on the road; tonight against the Kings and Saturday in Vancouver while hosting the Ducks on Thursday. Meanwhile the Habs host the Bolts on Wednesday and the Leafs on Saturday, with a road game v. Carolina sandwiched in between on Thursday.

The Habs are 14-15-10 at home, so that could give Oiler fans some hope considering the Oilers are only 14-21-4 on the road. But outside of the actual games, if you believe in karma or are a history buff, there is another reason why 29 would be better.

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Making Space on the Blue Line

Jonathan Willis
April 02 2012 09:27AM

Virtually everyone acknowledges that the Oilers need some help on the back end. Fewer are clear on the guys they want to see sent away to make room.

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