Katz quitting Rexall, focusing on career as Rob Schneider’s stunt double

January 28 2008 11:05AM


OilersNation, Alberta—In a stunning turn of events, Edmonton billionaire Daryl Katz has decided to abandon his career of being really, really rich to play the stunt double of veteran comedic actor Rob Schneider in the upcoming movie Deuce Bigalow 3: Another Waste of Time.

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Holy Snap! People are giving us mad props!

January 28 2008 10:19AM


Well, it was a long and cold All-Star Weekend. And like so many of the NHLers who showed up at the All-Star Game, we too thought we would mail one in this weekend and “think” of posts, but not actually write anything.

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It’s a telltale sign of someone who is playing like crap

January 25 2008 09:57AM


You can tell a lot about how things are going for a player by how they react when they score.

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I’ll take 'Things I never thought would happen for $400, Alex'

January 25 2008 09:51AM


Sweet merciful tap-dancing 6lb 7oz baby Jesus!

We aren’t afraid to admit that we were sitting in front of our TV, drinking household cleaner and screaming at the screen for most of the night.

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Sometimes copying someone is flattery…

January 24 2008 03:56PM


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And sometimes it ain’t. So we got an email today:

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