Jason Gregor
February 06 2012 12:18PM

Sam Gagner has dominated the hockey world since Thursday, 11 points in two games will do that, but tonight will be a great test to see if Gagner can maintain his dominance. The Oilers have been brutal on the road this year. They are 6-18-2 and have the fewest road points, 14, in the NHL. Columbus has a slightly worse road winning %, but being better than the Blue Jackets by .03 isn't much to brag about.

The Oilers have played five solid games, but until they start producing on the road they won't be moving very far up the standings.

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Anthony Stewart, Andrew Murray and Zach Hamill on Waivers Today

Jonathan Willis
February 06 2012 11:27AM

As per Bob McKenzie, a trio of players with NHL experience are on the waiver wire today. Are any of them particularly interesting?

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Breaking the Oilers Down By Age

Jonathan Willis
February 05 2012 06:56PM

The Edmonton Oilers are a team struggling to pull themselves out of the NHL basement. Management has committed to a long-term rebuild, and that means that many of the older players playing significant roles now – including the team’s (arguably) starting goaltender and their two big-minute forwards – probably won’t be when the team is eventually ready to contend for a playoff spot.

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February 05 2012 12:37PM

Ales Hemsky's 11-12 season has been poor compared to his own past. The skilled Czech winger is playing a lesser role on a team that finally offers players of his skill level and beyond. Hemsky is in trade rumors daily, but from what we hear NHL teams are more interested in Ryan Smyth, Sam Gagner and others. How far has Ales Hemsky fallen?

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Robin Brownlee
February 05 2012 12:29AM

Might the remarkable turnaround in Sam Gagner's season signal the same for the Edmonton Oilers as they attempt to climb out of the lottery sweepstakes with the stretch drive approaching? It looks like it might after Saturday's 5-4 shootout win over the Detroit Red Wings.

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