Things to look forward to Part I

August 14 2009 01:46PM


Having kept strict radio silence for the past week, we have been alternating between amazement that the Oilers are this close to the ceiling of the salary cap and dismay that the expectations for the team are so low going into next season.

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The Oilers Won the Visnovsky Trade

Jonathan Willis
August 14 2009 11:09AM

In his latest column, veteran writer Jim Matheson asks a question that rears its ugly head every so often around these parts:

If the Edmonton Oilers could get a do-over, would they move Matt Greene and Jarret Stoll for Lubomir Visnovsky?

I know that I'd make that trade over again in a heartbeat.

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First Line Forwards On Good/Bad Teams

Jonathan Willis
August 14 2009 06:00AM

Yesterday, I posted an article on the point production of first-line forwards. In it, I showed that an NHL-average first liner put up 66 points last season, while a player with 51 points was still producing at a first line rate.

However, a couple of commenters raised the question: don’t good teams generally get more points out of their first-line players?

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Hemsky turns 26: Primetime

Robin Brownlee
August 13 2009 09:35AM


With just 26 candles on his birthday cake and six NHL seasons on his resume, Ales Hemsky somehow makes whiners of even the most ardent fan of the Edmonton Oilers.

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How Many Points Should A First Line Forward Record?

Jonathan Willis
August 13 2009 06:00AM

The answer that my initial instinct suggests on the question above is 82. If a player isn’t putting up a point-per-game, he’s probably not a first line forward. Fortunately, we have better resources at our disposal than my gut instinct.

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