Oh great, another loss! (slaps self in face)

May 27 2008 09:15AM


We just can’t express our gratitude to the Pittsburgh Penguins organization, coaching staff and active roster for their performance in the past two games.

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Bucky comes home

Robin Brownlee
May 26 2008 03:40PM


Jeff Truitt is in as head coach of the Springfield Falcons and that means it will be made official shortly that Kelly Buchberger is joining the Edmonton Oilers as an assistant coach.

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Gary Roberts would have scored five goals en route to a 5–4 win

May 26 2008 09:44AM

"It's not that we didn't want Gary Roberts in our lineup, those guys we had (in the lineup) before the final did a fantastic job and got a reward. It's about rewarding players."

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Oh yeah, did anyone see this?

May 24 2008 03:38PM


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Wanye Gretz’s Stanley Cup Analysis: Comparing Hometown Actors

May 23 2008 09:19AM


They say that you can judge an NHL team by the actors born in that city. That’s why the Oilers won so many cups when Michael J. Fox was hot.

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