What's next? The Valley Zoo?

August 05 2009 10:14AM


We vividly recall the fiasco when Jason Gregor decided to try and expand our minds and talk about a different local team: the Edmonton Rush. We also remember the hilarious backlash he suffered and how we ourselves chimed in saying we know little about local sports and can't think of a reason to start caring.

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A tearful goodbye

August 04 2009 02:02PM


The Oilers took the time to hold a press conference on Friday to announce that they were officially giving up on Dany Heatley. The “GM” of the Oilers Steve Tambellini gave us all a good laugh proposing this team has what it takes to make the playoffs and gently suggested we all say goodbye to our dreams of Heatley lighting the lamp in Copper and Blue. This was easily the hardest goodbye of our long weekend, until Sunday when our car was broken into and our BlackBerry was stolen.

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Pat Quinn By Quotes

Jonathan Willis
August 04 2009 11:10AM

University-educated (he holds degrees in law and economics) Coach Pat Quinn was asked numerous questions about his coaching style during the 2002 Eastern Conference Final. The questions and answers are recorded for us via the magic of ASAPSports, and in the absence of actual off-season movement may be of interest to Oilers fans. Also of some interest is the excellent Stromboulopoulos interview above.

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How Do You Solve A Problem Like Cogliano?

Jonathan Willis
August 02 2009 06:00AM

Andrew Cogliano is an excellent young hockey player with a bright NHL future ahead of him. What that future holds is still uncertain – can he fit in Edmonton long-term? If so, where?

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Hindsight: Marc Pouliot and Zach Parise

Jonathan Willis
August 01 2009 05:30AM

It’s been fashionable since somewhere around the end of 2006 to hammer the Oilers and their scouting staff for a decision to trade down from the #17 spot in the 2003 Draft for the #22 and #68 picks. To some degree, such criticism is deserved – after all, Zach Parise scored 45 goals last season, and Marc Pouliot has 14 for his NHL career. However, it’s good to remember that things weren’t so clear cut a few years ago.

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