The Durable & The Injury-Prone

Jonathan Willis
May 29 2011 12:01PM

One of the most critical factors in the success or failure of an NHL career is injury. Injuries can reduce effectiveness, limit games played, and at their worst shorten or end careers. Given that they are so impactful, it makes sense to be aware of the injury record of various players, and to take it into account when making decisions.

How has the current Oilers’ roster fared over the last five seasons?

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Follow the Money

May 29 2011 08:26AM

This is Anton Lander. The Edmonton Oilers have been waiting patiently for him to mature and prove himself at the highest levels. That accomplished, he will very likely receive strong consideration for a job on the NHL team this fall.

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Jonathan Willis
May 29 2011 12:43AM

The name of the game in 2010-11 was forward movement. The Edmonton Oilers hit rock-bottom in 2009-10, which resulted in the dismissal of their second coach in two years, a slate full of buyouts and restricted free agents who were not offered contracts, and an infusion of youth.

Did we see improvement at the team level?

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May 28 2011 07:22PM

At NationRadio, we use the most advanced computing technology to bring you the best radio show this side of the Rocky Mountains.

This week's episode includes a second appearance from NHL Veteran Brian Sutherby, Ted Wyman of the Winnipeg Sun, former GM of the Calgary Flames Craig Button, Mario Duhamel, - Head Coach of the Drummondville Voltigeurs - Speeds from the Hockey Symposium stop by. We also rebroadcast a Jason Gregor interview with a recently retired Doug Weight.

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Draft 2011: The Who, by Numbers

May 28 2011 08:03AM

This is Ron Chpperfield. He was the number one rated player (by the Hockey News) for the 1974 Amateur Draft. Chipperfield scored 90 goals in his draft year, an awesome total in any era. He was an outstanding offensive force in the WHL but was passed over by several NHL teams (finally going 17th overall to the California Seals). Why did the projected number one selection go so long without being selected? 

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