2010/11 SEASON + 2 DAYS

April 12 2011 12:46PM

Ah Citizen Gerald Ford. Your photoshop genius has provided us with another picture for the ages. We can't help but identify with this tuckered out fella on the couch. He must be a present day Oilers fan.

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Jason Gregor
April 12 2011 11:03AM

Kesha made this garbage bag dress herself, supposedly, and wore it to the 2010 VMAs. As garbage bag dresses go, it isn't that bad, and yesterday when the Oilers cleaned out their lockers, had their season ending meeting with the coaches and spoke to the media the feeling wasn't as bad as previous years.

Last season, outside of Sheldon Souray's classic rant, the rest of the interviews were about as exciting and uplifting as listening to your buddy ramble on about his/her past relationships.

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April 11 2011 06:03PM

Scouting reports are like snapshots of people we don't know. They hold our interest, we might pursue more information (or photos) but the bottom line is that nothing is as good as personal experience. So, when Central Scouting released their final list today, we must remember it's a quick snapshot of a moment in time. It is a guide, it is not the bible. The bible arrives on draft day.

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Robin Brownlee
April 11 2011 06:02PM

For all the defeat and disappointment the Edmonton Oilers endured this season, the mood at Rexall Place today was markedly different than a year ago when the train wreck that was the Oilers had come completely off the rails on the way to 30th place.

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Lucky 13 – Final Standings

Jonathan Willis
April 10 2011 09:18PM

With the Oilers’ overtime loss to Colorado, we’ve reached the final marker of the regular season. Not only does that mean the Oilers are done playing hockey for the year, but it also means that it’s time to see who the winner of the Lucky 13 contest is.

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