The Paajarvi Recall/Non-Recall

Jonathan Willis
March 31 2012 01:09PM

The Edmonton Oilers ended up looking a little silly yesterday. First, they recalled Magnus Paajarvi. Tom Renney talked about him playing on the top line with Nugent-Hopkins and Eberle. Then, the Oilers had to return Paajarvi to the AHL after the NHL informed them they’d used their allotted four post-deadline recalls.

What does it mean?

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The Case for the Nuge

March 31 2012 08:55AM

In the short and impressive history of the Edmonton Oilers, there have been precious few rookies who have reached 50 points in a season. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is one of them.

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March 30 2012 12:01PM

So the Oilers play the LA Kings tonight in another meaningless game do they? And Gregor is doing married guy stuff before his show and asked us to write the GDB on his behalf? How will we live with the pressure of trying to describe a game that will be forgotten by 99% of us within days?

Fingers and brain don't fail us now!*

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Jason Strudwick
March 30 2012 09:18AM

There is a little over a week and five games remaining this season for the Edmonton Oilers. With no playoff possibilities, it can be a chunk of games that is hard to get charged up to play in.

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The Real Winner of the Oilers' Rebuild

Jonathan Willis
March 29 2012 01:50PM

The rebuild isn't over - but there is already a clear winner.

There are those out there passionately committed to the idea of a bottom-to-top rebuild, a systematic restructuring of the Edmonton Oilers that sees the team wander for an unspecified but finite time in the hockey wilderness before finally emerging into the promised land. They include fans, columnists both paid directly by the Oilers and financially independent of the organization, and undoubtedly people in the team’s management structure.

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