This Team Needs Shawn Horcoff Or A Player Exactly Like Him

Jonathan Willis
April 22 2009 10:41AM

Horcoff goal

Shawn Horcoff’s a player that I have some difficulty discussing objectively. He’s a good player with a wide range of skills and an underrated offensive game; in point of fact, his offensive game has been of first-line quality since the lockout. Horcoff is also a player that the majority of the Oilers’ fan-base don’t seem to appreciate; despite the mess on left wing this season, “a real first line centre” is routinely listed as a major team need on the message boards and in the hallowed halls (if I’m not allowed to use hackneyed phrases than I’m quitting to work for the Sun) of the comment sections here.

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Assorted thinks

April 22 2009 09:59AM


There ain't a whole lot going on right now that we can get excited about these days. We regularly consider moving to Dubai when the Oilers miss the playoffs and this time of the year is the absolute worst. Everyone and their dog is enjoying playoff hockey right now it seems, everyone except the only team of any real global importance that is. But life goes on ... by ragging on other fans. It's all we have these days Nation.

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Patrick O’Sullivan: Better Than You Think He Is

Jonathan Willis
April 21 2009 10:40AM


The trade deadline move that sent Erik Cole and a fifth round pick to Carolina in exchange for Patrick O’Sullivan and a second round pick was roundly praised in the media (and by me). It was more than a little disappointing when O’Sullivan didn’t bring the same form to Edmonton that he had in Los Angeles.

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Can a new coach be a savior to the Oil?

Jason Gregor
April 20 2009 12:18PM

While the Oiler faithful waits patiently to see who will be their next head coach, the question that should be asked is how much will it matter?

Since Craig MacTavish was relieved of his duties/fired/resigned/time for a change, there is a sense that a new head coach will be the spark this organization needs to get back on track.

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UFA Options: Boston Bruins

Jonathan Willis
April 20 2009 10:34AM

Manny Fernandez

UFA Options is a continuing series that gives a brief run-down of the unrestricted free agent market this summer, team-by-team. Our next team for consideration is the Boston Bruins.

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