Edmonton Oilers Clutch Scoring, 2010-11

Jonathan Willis
July 06 2011 08:40PM

One of the most frequent requests I get via Twitter and email is for data on clutch scoring. There’s a common belief that some players pad their totals in meaningless games, while others switch off when the game is out of reach (for good or ill).

It’s not something just believed by fans, either. Mike Smith, the former general manager and founder of Coleman Analytics, charges NHL teams for this information (background here and here).

Given the wide belief in this sort of thing, and the requests I’ve received, I put together data on when individual Oilers players scored in 2010-11.

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July 06 2011 02:05PM

"You are a stump. Almost as much of a stump as a person, who will go unnamed, that hasn't posted the Photoshop winner yet. *CoughWanyeCough" - Lead Hands McLezy - July 06 2011, 01:50AM

"@WanyeGretz Lead Hands also wants to know how/when he can get that oodle noodle GC, that is if it actually exists #rypunzel @marco6160" -@SHMcSteeley on twitter around 1:10 PM MST

You know we get lipped off around a lot around here. "Wanye post the radio show faster." "Wanye, post the contest winners faster." "Wanye get back from your date with my sister so you can take my mom out to the parking lot for a jolly rogering."

Cry, cry, cry.

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Jason Gregor
July 05 2011 11:48PM

Considered the "greatest game show of all time" by TV Guide, the Price Is Right's current format has been around since 1972. I'm not certain, but I'm pretty confident Steve Tambellini was a fan of the show, because, really, how could he not be, and while he likely didn't have any "Beauties" in his office when he told Cam Barker to Come on Down last Friday, I like that he took a chance on the former 3rd overall pick.

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Wondering (the Blue)

July 05 2011 05:21PM

It's been an outstanding 12 months for Theo Peckham. He scored an opening night assignment on the big club and played a more prominent role than expected during 10-11, and then cashed in as an rfa with a raise that nearly doubled his salary. What can Peckham's season--training camp through this past week and his contract--tell us about this fall's battle along the blue? A lot.  

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Robin Brownlee
July 05 2011 03:37PM

I first met Ales Hemsky minutes after the Edmonton Oilers drafted him 13th overall in 2001. I can't say I've ever heard him sound more positive than he did in a conversation we had today.

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