Jason Strudwick
March 30 2012 09:18AM

There is a little over a week and five games remaining this season for the Edmonton Oilers. With no playoff possibilities, it can be a chunk of games that is hard to get charged up to play in.

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The Real Winner of the Oilers' Rebuild

Jonathan Willis
March 29 2012 01:50PM

The rebuild isn't over - but there is already a clear winner.

There are those out there passionately committed to the idea of a bottom-to-top rebuild, a systematic restructuring of the Edmonton Oilers that sees the team wander for an unspecified but finite time in the hockey wilderness before finally emerging into the promised land. They include fans, columnists both paid directly by the Oilers and financially independent of the organization, and undoubtedly people in the team’s management structure.

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Jason Gregor
March 29 2012 11:32AM


What is a top-six forward?

How many teams have six legit top-six forwards?

How many successful teams have six similar top-six forwards?

We can debate who qualifies as a top-six forward, but it seems few teams have six legitimate ones, and those that do rarely have all of them producing at the same time. However, the good teams don't have six of the same type of forwards on their top two lines. Most of them have a variety of size, grit and tenacity combined with above-average skill.

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Out of the Blue

March 29 2012 08:03AM

This is Justin Schultz. In terms of adding a possible free agent for the Oilers this off-season, there are many things that make him an ideal target for the team.

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Jason Gregor
March 28 2012 12:56PM

The Oilers started the season 8-2-2, and on November 3rd many of you were cautiously optimistic that this team was turning the corner, but it wasn't meant to be. From November 3rd to March 5th you watched the Oilers plunge down the standings going 17-32-4, and in the process found yourself muttering, "next year they'll be better."

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