Brotherly love, baby

Robin Brownlee
May 06 2008 06:55AM


When it comes to Edmonton Oilers fans who still give a rat's patoot about who sips from the Stanley Cup, I don't know if there's a sizeable contingent pulling for the Philadelphia Flyers.

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Pitkanen leaves the Worlds

May 05 2008 10:53AM


So we’re checking the news at the Oilers News page here at the Nation.

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Wanye Gretz Playoff Predictions™ Western Conference Championships

May 05 2008 10:40AM


Is that Kurt Russell having lunch with the Stanley Cup?

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Voulez vous des tears?

May 04 2008 09:10AM

shakes_80452.jpg(from Canadian Press)  After a first place finish and a drubbing of the Bruins in Round One, the Habs fell to the Flyers 4–1 on Saturday.

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Avalanche of sadness

May 03 2008 08:47AM


Wow. Nice series Avalanche.

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