Oklahoma Revival

Jonathan Willis
July 09 2011 10:48AM

One of the things the Oilers have done a much better job of since the hiring of Steve Tambellini is managing their affiliate in the American Hockey League.

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Defense: Living Dangerously

July 09 2011 09:03AM

This is Brian Benning. His draft day scouting report would have read "smart, mobile defenseman" and he delivered all the way to the NHL. Benning's story is the story of hockey in Northern Alberta.

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Robin Brownlee
July 08 2011 07:10PM

Those who thought the kerfuffle was over between the Edmonton Oilers and Los Angeles Kings regarding the Ryan Smyth for Colin Fraser trade might want to think again.

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Robin Brownlee
July 08 2011 02:24PM

Loyal. Gullible. Passionate. Bitter.

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Parallel Paths

Jonathan Willis
July 08 2011 10:55AM


Objects on a parallel course give us an interesting example of unification and divergence. On the one hand, they are travelling along the same path, moving towards a common destination, and they never diverge from that path. On the other hand, they never converge; that is to say that despite all the similarities of their path they remain as far apart from each other at the end of their course as they did at the beginning.

What on Earth am I talking about here?

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