Who gets the deal?

Robin Brownlee
March 12 2008 12:58PM


So, OilersNation fans, if you were Kevin Lowe and you could only sign Joni Pitkanen or Denis Grebeshkov—not both—to a new contract this summer, who'd get the ink and who'd get a ticket out of town?

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Making waves

March 12 2008 11:55AM

oilogosphere.jpg(original image from the Edmonton Journal) We're not above being self-serving some of the time.

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Lucky 13 in the record book

Robin Brownlee
March 11 2008 11:06PM


"Andrew Cogliano, ovvvvvertiiiiiiiime WINNER."

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We haven't seen kids perform this well since... Hanson

March 11 2008 10:56PM


Three games OT winners.

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There's no 'I' in Pisani

Robin Brownlee
March 11 2008 01:54PM


With everybody toting a notepad or a microphone eager to rub up against fuzzy-cheeked Sam Gagner, Andrew Cogliano and Robert Nilsson after the Edmonton Oilers pre-game skate this morning, Fernando Pisani was getting less action than a dude with a comb-over and wicked halitosis at closing time.

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