Jason Gregor
December 06 2011 03:26PM

You know Eric Belanger is struggling when even google images doesn't have a picture of him in an Oiler jersey, instead you get tasty treats like this one of his some model named Eric Belanger. I'm sure once Belanger scores a goal in an Oiler jersey google will have a picture of him, it just won't be on page two.

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Reshuffle Please

Jason Strudwick
December 06 2011 11:01AM


Yesterday Gary Bettman submitted and the board of governors approved a new four conference format. Assuming the NHLPA okays the changes, the new system will be in place next season.

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Top-5 Russians: Edmonton Oilers

Kent Wilson
December 06 2011 09:47AM

By Andrey Osadchenko

The Oilers could never really brag about their Russians. It might the cold, it might be the distance between Motherland and Edmonton (which is huge) and it might be something else, but the ugly truth is that none of the Russians ever spent a whole lot of time with the team. Here’s a quick look at five who did and left their mark. Ironically, four of them are defensemen.

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NHL Realignment Approved

Jonathan Willis
December 05 2011 10:02PM

The NHL announced last night that its Board of Governors were able to come to an agreement on a realignment of the league, one that will abolish the current East/West system and instead create four different conferences.

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Robin Brownlee
December 05 2011 06:11PM

I don`t have the attention span of Elliotte Friedman to come up with 30 Thoughts, but with the Edmonton Oilers getting a couple of days to catch their breath between games, that hasn't stopped me from borrowing from (stealing) his idea and coming up with 10 that are specific to Tom Renney`s team.

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