The Cheap Seats: you get what you pay for

Robin Brownlee
December 01 2009 12:01AM

Mercy, with the Edmonton Oilers firmly established as contenders in the 2010 Lottery Pick race, general manager Steve Tambellini is getting all kinds of free advice these days.

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Tambellini: "I’m not concerned about next season at this point."

Jonathan Willis
November 30 2009 05:26PM

Steve Tambellini addressed the media earlier today; the video above comes from the Oilers' official website. The quote in the title doesn't come from that video, it comes from the longer audio version of his conference.

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Wake up and smell the mediocrity

Jason Gregor
November 30 2009 02:10PM

The Oilers woke up this morning in 14th place in the West, one point ahead of the Wild with a five-game road trip on the horizon. As frustrated as this organization and their fans must be today, it could always be worse: you could be a Rider fan or player.

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Around the League - Nov 26, 2009

Jason Gregor
November 30 2009 09:15AM

***Some technical problems (four days of festivities at the Grey Cup, and misplacing my lap top) caused the delay it getting this posted, but here it is and the stats are all from Thursday, Nov 26 to remain consistent from week-to-week.***

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Oilers vs. Canucks Postgame: Shooter Tutors

Jonathan Willis
November 29 2009 12:46AM

Vancouver Canucks: 7

Edmonton Oilers: 3

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