WTF Nation?

August 17 2008 04:12PM

Question: What the heck happened to the Nation this weekend?

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Hot Rod and Bombastic Bob

Robin Brownlee
August 15 2008 04:29PM

Rod Phillips told me a long time ago that he'll keep doing what he does as The Voice of the Edmonton Oilers on 630 CHED radio for as long as he's having fun.

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Stauffer Steps In

Robin Brownlee
August 15 2008 02:05PM

It'll be the Rod and Bob Show for Edmonton Oilers broadcasts on 630 CHED next season.

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How to Make Friends And Influence People: Pocklington-style

Jonathan Willis
August 15 2008 11:17AM

Peter Pocklington, Edmonton’s favourite member of the Oilers organization during its dynasty years, is in trouble again

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Il voce nuevo

Robin Brownlee
August 14 2008 12:01PM

There's going to be a new voice in the radio booth for the Edmonton Oilers on 630 CHED this season

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