What Peter Chiarelli’s summer work says about the defensive market

Jonathan Willis
November 13 2015 03:15PM


The too-often-ignored truth about the NHL trade market is that it’s extremely hard to force a deal. For a team like the Edmonton Oilers—who have been hunting for a big fish defenceman for years now—that’s been awfully frustrating.

The good news is that the new general manager seems both willing and able to make sure the Oilers are players in the deals that do become available.

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Does the NHL need more offence?

Jason Gregor
November 13 2015 01:11PM


NHL scoring is down once again. Last year NHL team's averaged 2.73 goals per game, and through 241 games this season teams are averaging 2.67 GPG. It is not a major difference, but if the league stays at this pace we will see about 148 fewer goals than last year.

Since 1997, NHL teams have averaged fewer than three goals/game, except for 2005/2006 when the NHL clamped down on obstruction and teams averaged 3.08 GPG each.

How can the NHL increase scoring?

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November 13 2015 10:41AM


The sting for Oilers fans is that the season must continue without Connor McDavid whether we like it or not. While it was tempting for me to take him off the report card, considering he didn't play, I just couldn't continue on without him. Seeing his smiling face is like a beacon of sunlight on an otherwise cloudy day. Ladies and gentlemen, it's report card time.

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The Roundup

Nation World HQ
November 13 2015 06:45AM

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Sedins beating father time, Tootoo says Burrows crossed the line, Stamkos agent gives contract update, Andrew Ladd negotiations, cap and waiver concerns for Flames, Oilers defense rebuilt, Taylor Hall, Alex Ovechkin, fantasy hockey and more in this week's Nation Roundup brought to you by DraftKings

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GDB 17.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Coyotes

November 12 2015 09:47PM

"I told you Nilsson would suck tonight. Math boner!" vs "NEEEEEEEEERD." There could be only one. Final Score: 4-1 Coyotes

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