Between Two Gregors Episode 2

July 10 2015 01:15PM

The people demanded it, so the people got it! It's the newest episode of Between Two Gregors! This week we cover bunk beds, playoff beards and 18 year old boys! Let us know in the comments what YOUR answers to the questions are! 

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Trade Thoughts: Brent Seabrook

Jason Gregor
July 10 2015 11:30AM

It doesn't take much searching to realize Brent Seabrook might be available in a trade. The Chicago Blackhawks are already over the salary cap for next season, and that only includes four D-men on the roster, and Seabrook's contract expires next June.

The Hawks would like to sign him to an extension, but this is likely his final opportunity to land a lucrative long-term contract, and you could understand if he isn't willing to take a discount to stay in Chicago, considering Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews will be making $13.8 million next year.

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July 10 2015 08:25AM

"His first meeting with Edmonton at the Combine lasted 25, 30 minutes. They just kind of talked about general stuff, then he left! He was kind of surprised they didn't talk a little longer!" Daren Millard, moments before Connor McDavid's draft moment. In fact, a longer visit wasn't necessary. The die was cast.

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The Roundup

Nation World HQ
July 10 2015 06:30AM


Canucks front office moves, the Leafs re-sign Martin Marincin, the Oilers take Justin Schultz to arbitration, the Flames cap crunch and more in this week's Roundup.

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July 09 2015 01:47PM


We're getting to that time of year again where not a whole lot is going on that's Oilers related, but we still need something to read... or at least look at. Ladies and gentlemen, it's photoshop time!

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