June 20 2015 09:54PM

The final final lists are no doubt complete and with that changes for next season can begin. New GM Peter Chiarelli was expected to make changes to the scouting department and that began today.

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Todd Nelson: "I'm a head coach. I want to be a head coach."

Jason Gregor
June 19 2015 12:46PM

I had many great conversations with Todd Nelson during his five seasons in the Oilers organization. He was always accommodating with his time, and came on my radio show once a week during those years to discuss the OKC Barons. He loved talking hockey and I found he always gave honest assessments of his players, both on and off the record.

Nelson was name the head coach for the Grand Rapid Griffins, Detroit's AHL affiliate, earlier today. I just got off the phone with him and as usual he answered all the questions and explained why going back to the AHL as a head coach was the right decision for him.

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Sitting Down with Eric Johnson

June 19 2015 11:53AM


Whether you know him from his current show 'The Knick' or as young Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall, Eric Johnson is an iconic pillar of entertainment. Not only is he a great actor, he's also a massive Nation fan. Fortunately for all of us, Eric cleared some time in his schedule to sit down and chat with me about what it means to an Oilers fan and a Nation citizen. 

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Robin Brownlee
June 19 2015 09:30AM

We know the Edmonton Oilers need an upgrade in goal and we’ve been led to believe there might be a masked man to be had in Cam Talbot of the New York Rangers or Eddie Lack of the Vancouver Canucks capable of filling that need.

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Ottawa Senators trying to unload a contract in their goalie deal

Jonathan Willis
June 19 2015 08:30AM

Robin Lehner

It’s well-known that the Edmonton Oilers are looking to bring aboard at least one goalie this summer, and it’s equally well-known that the Ottawa Senators will need to trade one of the three they have. So reports of conversations between the two teams are unsurprising.

What is interesting is that it appears the Sens are looking to unload a contract in a deal involving a goalie.

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