Questions on coaching, PTOs and Gretzky to Red Wings

Jason Gregor
August 11 2016 10:09AM

I love the Olympics. Watching young Penny Oleksiak and the swimming team has been fantastic and a welcome reprieve from another long NHL off-season in Edmonton. I'm looking forward to track and field starting Friday, as well as the playoff rounds in soccer, basketball and Oleksiak going for gold in the 100m freestyle. Yesterday the powerful 16-year-old was 0.01 seconds behind Cate Campbell, who set the Olympic record in their semi-final race. Oleksiak has a legit shot at her fourth medal of the games tonight at 8:18 MDT. She is must-watch TV.

Here are some Oilers thoughts regarding coaching, PTOs and story from Wayne Gretzky that could have significantly altered the NHL landscape to hope pass the time until you watch Oleksiak, and hopefully some other Canadians, reach the podium later today.

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Robin Brownlee
August 11 2016 07:00AM


The consensus among fans of the Edmonton Oilers seems to be that the major shortcoming of GM Peter Chiarelli’s off-season to this point is his failure to land a right-shooting defenceman who can be an option on the power play. I don’t disagree with that.

That said, after batting around the idea of who might be the best fill-in from the point on the power play on the Jason Gregor Show Wednesday – we discussed lefties Andrej Sekera, Oscar Klefbom and Brandon Davidson as possibilities – I couldn’t help but wonder how much of an actual difference failure to land that coveted righty might make this coming season.

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WWYDW: Peter Chiarelli’s first summer

Jonathan Willis
August 10 2016 01:07PM


Peter Chiarelli has been nothing if not bold as general manager of the Edmonton Oilers, authoring significant change in each of his first two summers at the helm of the team. It remains to be seen how the moves he’s made this summer will work out, but we now have a year’s worth of hindsight with which to judge his first summer in charge.

In this week’s edition of What Would You Do Wednesday, we ask what you would keep and what you would change from his first summer on the job.

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What's Left for the Summer At Nation HQ

Chris the Intern
August 10 2016 07:00AM

Summers are bitter sweet at Nation HQ. At the end of the regular season, Oilers fans are left disappointed, frustrated, and angry. Once the draft lottery comes around, excitement and hope creep into our minds, followed with peak hysteria at the draft. Free agent frenzy comes and goes and Oiler fans are left for three months to ponder what will be, come October. 

What often becomes a boring time in Oiler news between July and October can turn into an opportunity for us at Nation HQ to do some fun things with the citizens. With less than two months to the World Cup of Hockey, we've still got some exciting things happening to hopefully brighten up the slow months. 

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Home sweet home

Jason Gregor
August 09 2016 02:00PM


In 65 days the Edmonton Oilers will play their first game in their new arena. The place will be magnificent, and while you will enjoy the comfortable new seats, spacious concourses, new food and the utterly massive scoreboard, the players will have to focus on ensuring they rack up some wins in their new home, and the schedule maker has put extra pressure on the Oilers to win at home in October.

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