Robin Brownlee
January 08 2011 10:09AM

Golf season for the Edmonton Oilers won't officially begin until April 11, but they will get a two-day respite from the grind of a fifth straight season out of the playoffs with a two-day stint in Palm Springs, starting today.

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Bullets and Bad Guys

January 08 2011 07:58AM

There has been much worry of late over NHL teams taking liberties with the Oilers best forwards. Ales Hemsky, Taylor Hall, Jordan Eberle and Sam Gagner have all suffered from cheap shots, late hits, borderline head shots and general poor conduct on the part of the opposition.

Oilers management rolls out Steve MacIntyre in these cases, and of course the other side throws their pawn in this game over the boards too. The fact is that the Edmonton Oilers don't have much physical presence when the skilled men are on the ice. The Oilers need a Lucic or Kassian, but finding him is the problem. 

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Oilers vs. Canucks Postgame: Ugly

Jonathan Willis
January 07 2011 11:39PM

That was an ugly game.

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The Interminable Stupidity of “The Oiler”

Jonathan Willis
January 07 2011 08:39PM

The NHL’s marketing department has had a pretty good month, all things considered. The Winter Classic was largely a success. HBO’s 24/7 helped raise the profile of the game in the United States and added depth to the outdoor game.

On the other hand, the “Guardian Project” is one of the worst ideas ever, right up there with Frankenstein’s monster and Jay Leno in primetime.

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Jason Gregor
January 07 2011 02:24PM

Note: I realize that tonight technically isn't a sequel, but play along. - JG

It is rare in the movie world that a sequel can match or better the original, but it has happened. The Godfather trilogy was awesome. Empire Strikes Back was well above decent. The Bourne Identity threesomes were excellent, but of course you have some sequels that should have never been made. Slapshot II and Caddyshack II were so bad they almost ruined the first one, but of course those originals were so freaking awesome nothing could ruin them.

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