Some people just don't get it

January 31 2008 08:01PM


“Adversity doesn’t build character, it reveals it”—Dustin Penner prior to going -2 with 2 shots on goal against the Sharks on Tuesday.

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Video from last night's game

January 30 2008 10:23AM

For those of you who understand the Pingping analogy, we offer you this.

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Oilers vs Sharks: two different worlds collide

January 30 2008 10:21AM


When we finished watching the “effort” that the Oilers put in against the Sharks last night, two people sprung to mind: Bao Xishun and He Pingping.

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Katz raises bid for the Oilers to 4 billion nickels

January 29 2008 10:23AM


It's true what they say you know: $20 million soothes the savage beast. Or is it "$200 million in the hand beats Jim Balsillie in the bush"?

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Finish this sentence, Nation readers!

January 29 2008 09:55AM


"When I look at Alexander Ovechkin, and realize that he makes over $110,000 US per game I think to myself ___________________."

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