Lost Russians: Edmonton Oilers

Kent Wilson
October 12 2011 10:13AM



Editors note: Andrey Osadchenko is the senior Russian Correspondent at the Nations Network. He writes regularly in Russian at allhockey.ru, and has a series of web videos called "Joining the Rush" with Steve Dangle. Today Andrey catches up with some of the former Russian-born draft picks of the Oilers organization. The piece underscores why drafting Russian-born players has gone somewhat out of style; simply put, it's a risky proposition.

By: Andrey Osadchenko

The Oilers were always cautious when it came to drafting Russian-born players. Over the entire history of the franchise they picked just 19 Russians, while only one of them left a noticeable mark – Alexei Semenov. Remember him? No? Ah well, nobody is going to hold it against you.

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What we can learn from the Detroit Wheels (Vol 1)

October 11 2011 02:07PM

When it comes to putting together a competitive NHL team year after year, the Detroit Red Wings are the league's gold standard. How DO they do it? Minor league system? Free agents? Luck? Mike Ilitch knows Sam Pollock's ghost? ALL of the above? Let's have a look.

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Jason Gregor
October 11 2011 11:31AM

In a surprising move, the St. Louis Blues claimed Taylor Chorney off waivers today from the Edmonton Oilers. Chorney, the 36th overall pick in 2005, tallied one goal, seven points, 16 penalty minutes and was -30 in 56 games as an Oiler.

I don't see Chorney's departure as a big loss for the Oilers. It will hurt their AHL depth, but he wasn't going to make this team any better.

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Tangled Up In Blue

October 10 2011 10:00AM

The Oilers defense performed well enough last night to secure an OT win in G1 of the 11-12 season. Plenty of chaos and things to work on, but overall the 6 showed grit, shot blocking ability, strength along the boards and did a good job of staying in lanes. Down in OKC, there was a lot of blood on the tracks. Opening night for the Oilers at the pro level exposed a distinct lack of depth along the blue. Who knew? Everyone.

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Oklahoma O-K

October 09 2011 11:26PM

I'd like to think we learned a lot together last season about Oklahoma City, player development and the importance of a thriving farm team. The lessons continue, as class is in session for you and me again this season. Whereas last year, we found out about spelling, pronunciation and syllables (courtesy this young woman, God bless her--wait! he already did!), this year we're going to find out a little bit about how successful teams handle prospects.

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