Oilers Sign Mr. MacGregor

June 01 2011 07:37AM

This is Mr. McGregor from the Tales of Peter Rabbit. He tended his garden and watched out for quick moving rabbits. In this way, the Beatrix Potter character is somewhat similar to our own Mr. MacGregor: tending the garden, watching for quick moving rabbits.

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Last Place Teams, Five Years Later: Tanking Works!

Jonathan Willis
June 01 2011 12:05AM

The promise is the same for every last place team in the modern history of the NHL: sure, they may stink now, but stick with them and those top draft picks will eventually turn the team into a contender. This is the current plan in Edmonton, after Steve Tambellini’s previous plan (Quinn + Khabibulin = competitive team) fell through.

Is it a legitimate hope? How do last place teams fare, five years after the fact? In this three part series, we’ll look at three sets of teams that have finished last over the past 10 seasons: successful, middling, and spectacularly bad. We start with the best of the bunch.

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Jason Gregor
May 31 2011 11:40AM

Doug Weight officially retired from the NHL last Thursday, and he joined Ryan Rishaug and I on my show last week to talk look back on his career, his new gig with the Islanders and why Edmonton meant so much to him.

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Playoff Prediction Project: Stanley Cup Finals!

Jonathan Willis
May 30 2011 01:03AM

The Stanley Cup Finals start on Wednesday, and that gives everyone three days to get their picks in for the winner. After the jump, results from the first three rounds.

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May 29 2011 05:52PM

Ain't that some clever headlining?

According to multiple reports, the Oilers have signed winger Ryan Jones to a two year deal.

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