The Edmonton Oilers End of Camp Roster

Jonathan Willis
September 17 2009 04:16PM

Looking at the current contracts and waiver eligibility of the group of players assembled at the Oilers’ training camp, I believe we can say with near certainty (barring a trade or injury) who will be playing with the team to start the season.

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Pat Quinn Post-Game Comments

Jonathan Willis
September 16 2009 11:54PM


The following is a transcript of Pat Quinn's comments to the media following the Oilers 3-2 preseason win over the New York Islanders.  Audio is available at the Oilers' official site.

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GDB minus-7: No team is an Islander unto themselves

Jason Gregor
September 16 2009 10:11AM


The Oilers will ice a more veteran laden lineup tonight in their pre-season tilt against the Islanders Rexall.

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Picking the goat

September 15 2009 10:25AM


Picking the Goat for the 2009-10 hockey season is almost more difficult than picking the Star. Firstly, one has to take a look at the team’s overall chances and the likelihood someone is going to take multiple blamings as the season wears on. The better your team, the less likely your goat is going to take a beating.

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GDB Minus-8: What you've waited all summer for

Jason Gregor
September 15 2009 08:30AM


Yesterday, Wanye predicted his star of the year, which unofficially dropped the puck on another NHL season here on the Nation. Many of you will now enter at least 23 different NHL drafts or pools, you’ll perfect your game day routine, kiss your significant other and tell her you’ll see her in May (or April if you think the Oilers haven’t improved), take your Oiler jersey off the hanger, pre-write excuses for your boss as to why you are late and only use them the day after a big Oiler win, or a loss, and you will stare lovingly at your new Pat Quinn “He is God” poster that you bought. That’s right, Nation, the Oilers are officially back tonight.

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