GDB LXIV: A blender against the Wild

Jason Gregor
March 05 2010 11:45AM

It's Friday night; the Oilers are out of the playoffs already and the game in on PPV. That doesn’t seem like a lot of incentive to watch, but many of you will watch because: you bought the PPV package so it’s already paid for, you’ll be at the Pint tipping back a few and the game will be on, or mostly because you want to see the New Guys.

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Around the League - Mar 4, 2010

Jason Gregor
March 04 2010 11:29PM

My apologies for the tardiness of Around The League, but today I had a chance to lace up the skates and play along side my favourite hockey player; Glenn Anderson.

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Piss and moan: Is there no pleasing Oilers fans?

Robin Brownlee
March 04 2010 11:33AM

All things considered, it looks to me like Edmonton Oilers GM Steve Tambellini had himself a pretty good day Wednesday before the NHL trade deadline ticked by.

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Oilers vs. Blackhawks Highlights: One-Sided

Jonathan Willis
March 03 2010 11:11PM

Chicago Blackhawks: 5

Edmonton Oilers: 2

Outside of a single one minute interval in the second period, the Oilers were held off the scoresheet.  They were outshot 47-14, as in addition to their usual problems they were blessed with an AHL defence corps.  Taylor Chorney led the way with a minus-3 rating. 

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March 03 2010 05:38PM

99 out of 100 years, a game the same day as the trade deadline would leave the honorable Citizens of the OilersNation asking questions like "how fast can we scramble a jet to go pick up "insert new player here" so that he can play tonight?" We would also be speculating wildly about how well the new player would fit into the overall structure and would have convinced ourselves that the Oilers would in fact go 17-3 down the stretch to make the playoffs.

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