Wanye Gretz Playoff Predictions™ Western Conference Championships

May 05 2008 10:40AM


Is that Kurt Russell having lunch with the Stanley Cup?

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Voulez vous des tears?

May 04 2008 09:10AM

shakes_80452.jpg(from Canadian Press)  After a first place finish and a drubbing of the Bruins in Round One, the Habs fell to the Flyers 4–1 on Saturday.

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Avalanche of sadness

May 03 2008 08:47AM


Wow. Nice series Avalanche.

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The hottest couple in show business breaks up

May 02 2008 06:40AM

coleman.JPG (click image to enlarge) For loyal readers of the Nation, the news that Gary Coleman is getting divorced today on Divorce Court will probably come as the biggest disappointment of 2008.

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Game over?

Robin Brownlee
May 01 2008 10:25AM


A decade ago, Dean Clark was a rising star in hockey's coaching ranks.

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