You Don't Know What You Don't Know

August 18 2011 10:34PM

Hockey's Future has their latest Oiler top 20 list up (courtesy Lawrence Bailey) and it's an interesting and informative list. It gives the reader a nice overview of each player and where they stand in the organization. I mention it because it brings up one of my favorite subjects: how best to evaluate a prospect.

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NHL Announces US National TV Schedule

August 18 2011 12:38PM



The NHL announced the games that'll be shown on Versus/NBC this year and the list is pretty bizarre. There are some teams with a ton of appearances that make sense. The four way tie for second place between Boston, Detroit, Pittsburgh and Washington sees them with 14 potential appearances each. They're all major ratings draws due to being in large American hockey markets, having recent success and/or having Crosby and Ovechkin.

In first place is the New York Rangers with 16 potential appearances which makes little to no sense. The Rangers will be mediocre again like they are every year and despite NYC being the largest US media market most people outside of New York hate NYC and the Rangers.

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Jason Gregor
August 17 2011 09:27AM

For the next two days, Brendan Shanahan the new Senior Vice President of Player Safety and Hockey Operations for the NHL will be overseeing the Research and Development camp in Toronto. Ken Hitchcock and Dave King will run 33 top-rated juniors through the different scenarios while NHL general managers and executives watch intently from the stands at the Maple Leafs practice facility.

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Jason Gregor
August 16 2011 10:04PM

Yesterday we saw the distinct difference between sports and real life. It was a good day for hockey, but it was also an awful one.

Let's start with the good: The Hockey News picked the Oilers to finish last in the Western Conference.

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Day 51

August 16 2011 06:49PM

The long days and sleepless nights continue for Dean Lombardi. Horribly wronged and forced to see his summer hobbled by evildoers, he waits and waits for justice while Gary Bettman sits by the pool and the Edmonton Oilers dance a jig. When will the madness end? 

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