Jason Gregor
May 24 2011 01:56PM

The Oilers are one month away from announcing their second consecutive first overall draft pick, but after that pick will they realistically be any closer to making the playoffs for the first time in six years? Another first overall pick will likely give the Oilers another solid prospect in the system, but a playoff appearance shouldn't, and likely won't, rest on his shoulders regardless of who they take on June 24th.

Can the Oilers go from 30th to a playoff spot? Surprisingly it might not be that far-fetched.

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The Cogs Decision

May 23 2011 08:31AM

The first time I saw Andrew Cogliano play hockey, it looked |(to me) like the Oilers had another Butch Goring type on their hands. A Ralph Backstrom, Davey Keon type: undersized speed demon who could forecheck you to death, had a motor with one gear (overdrive) and enough offense to be considered a legit top 9 forward. A number of coaches and 4 years later, he may have arrived. Is it too late? 

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Robin Brownlee
May 22 2011 08:28PM

Arman Agustin can't come to Oilersnation, so I'm going to bring it to him, even if that means jumping a jet Monday night and flying for 15 hours to get to Guimba, a little city in the province of Nueva Ecija, half the world away in the Philippines.

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Oilers 20

May 22 2011 08:39AM

This is Jeff Petry. With the enormous graduating class of 2010-11, the skilled defender finally makes his way to the top of the team's prospect list.

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May 21 2011 04:51PM


This early posted edition goes out to our good friend -30- in the commentary. To say that -30- has been all over our jock about posting NationRadio late in the week would be an understatement. Telling us off directly, going over our head and appealing to Lowetide. He has made complaints via every channel. Well played.

And so this Episode of NationRadio is dedicated to -30-. She's up bright and early for you Sir. To everyone else - this Japanese "music video" that our main man @ounyea tweeted at us earlier goes out to you.

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