Has Tambo eased Souray's fears?

Jason Gregor
April 16 2009 10:49AM


Now that MacTavish is gone, the focus will switch to who replaces him and which players will not be part of the Tambellini era. Since being announced as GM last summer, Tambellini has been very bland. He was careful with his words, protective of his players and coaches and at times you needed to put a spoon under his nose to see if he was breathing. He showed no emotion until yesterday.

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Former Oilers in the Playoffs: Opening Night

Jonathan Willis
April 16 2009 10:48AM

Ray Whitney

So the Edmonton Oilers are out of the playoffs. There are, however, Edmonton Oilers who are still in the playoffs – because really, who among us is ready to sever our emotional ties to players as renowned as Joffrey Lupul and Tom Poti?

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Deep Thoughts VIIII: Making it up as I go

Robin Brownlee
April 15 2009 08:40PM


The only thing that's nearly as important as getting the story right in the journalism business is getting it first. The challenge and the joy in this game is doing both consistently. Sometimes, even when you're right, it sucks. Like today, when Edmonton Oilers GM Steve Tambellini made it official the team and Craig MacTavish had parted ways.

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Tambellini Press Conference Live Blog (Updated!)

Jonathan Willis
April 15 2009 11:51AM


Steve Tambellini is giving a press conference at 12:00.  Video is available at the Oilers official site .  This is the official OilersNation live blog for the conference, and material will be added as the conference continues.

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Let the rampant playoff speculation begin

Jason Gregor
April 15 2009 11:01AM

Today in 16 cities fans dream about the possibility that their beloved team will start on the winning path towards the Stanley Cup. Meanwhile Oilers fans were waiting to see what the future held for their head coach.

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