Gregor’s GDB: TSN won’t know what hit it

February 06 2009 01:05PM


I used to love watching OTR. Well, love is kind of a strong word. I actually mean that I enjoyed watching it. The only reason I don’t anymore is because of a little device called the Playstation Three.

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Shootout nostalgia

February 06 2009 10:00AM


Yessir, that’s what last night was all about: the Oilers of yesteryear. Some fighting, a goal for each team, and a shootout win. I’m feeling so nostalgic, it reminds me of Junior High School.

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AHL Prospect Rankings: #13 – Josef Hrabal

Jonathan Willis
February 05 2009 10:00PM


The first serious scouting report that I can find on Josef Hrabal is a rather interesting Hockey’s Future article by a fellow named Robert Neuhauser. It was published in December of 2002, early in Hrabal’s draft year. Given where it was written and the occasionally sloppy prose, I was initially tempted to conclude that Neuhauser’s first language wasn’t English

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GDB 51: Has the world gone crazy?

February 05 2009 03:06PM


Well, loyal Nation readers, things don’t feel so hot here in Oil City, or really anywhere on this spinning ball of rock. Our boys in copper and blue play St Louis tonight. But they do so without Lubomir Visnovsky

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The Cracker Katz

Amber McCormick
February 05 2009 10:23AM


It was reported yesterday that Katz Baseball Corp has reached a deal to acquire the Cracker-Cats. Seriously?

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