Predicting the East (updated)

April 15 2009 11:00AM


Sheldon Souray may want a trade??? Who gives two squirts about the Eastern Conference Round 1 matchups when the sexiest man on Earth may want out of good ol’ our town? We just about had an eyeball pop out of our skull yesterday afternoon when that article got emailed into OilersNation Central Command ™.

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Updated: Tuned out and Souray's business

Robin Brownlee
April 14 2009 07:30PM

Moreau in the penalty box

Fans who've insisted for years Edmonton Oilers coach Craig MacTavish had lost the dressing room weren't wrong, they were just more premature with their guesswork than a pimply-faced freshman with a hot date at the junior prom.

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Clearing Up A Misconception About NHL Coaches

Jonathan Willis
April 14 2009 07:16PM

Toe Blake

MacTavish would, it seems, love a team who are muckers, who play a very physical style and the trap to perfection. In other words, he wanted to be Jacque Lemaire, the former head coach of the Minnesota Wild. That is not Oilers hockey. The team President of Hockey Operations Kevin Lowe put together is much more fast and loose, which focuses on attacking and speed, not grabbing a one goal lead and sitting on it. — Jonathan Williams, Bleacher Report

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Predicting the West

April 14 2009 10:58AM


What do you say when there is nothing to say? Fortunately the answer isn't nothing. How fun would that be? No, instead we will overlook the fact that our favorite team has let us down – again – and that we will be faced with another playoffless playoffs – again.

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MacT and the future of the Oilers

Jason Gregor
April 13 2009 03:57PM


As the Oilers signed sticks, pictures, jerseys and said goodbye after another disappointing season, all of the buzz around the locker room was whether Craig MacTavish would resign or not.

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