Stauffer Steps In

Robin Brownlee
August 15 2008 02:05PM

It'll be the Rod and Bob Show for Edmonton Oilers broadcasts on 630 CHED next season.

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How to Make Friends And Influence People: Pocklington-style

Jonathan Willis
August 15 2008 11:17AM

Peter Pocklington, Edmonton’s favourite member of the Oilers organization during its dynasty years, is in trouble again

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Il voce nuevo

Robin Brownlee
August 14 2008 12:01PM

There's going to be a new voice in the radio booth for the Edmonton Oilers on 630 CHED this season

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Stolly does his former team proud

August 13 2008 08:24PM

It's pretty rare that we get star-struck, unless Georges Laraque rolls passed us in a pearl-white Escalade, rolling on dubs, being driven by the Nation's own Robin Brownlee

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The Mighty Oil, according to EA Sports

Jonathan Willis
August 13 2008 02:11PM

The greatest indicator of an NHL player’s ability has just been released, and it shows troubling news for the Oilers. I’m not talking about hockey pool guides, or the NHL awards show, or even discussing each player on an individual level with the GMs of all thirty teams.

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