Newsflash: The internet was broken from 10pm till about 8 minutes ago

December 28 2007 02:48PM


Hey lambs,

Ever go to relieve yourself behind a tree and an angry bee flies up your wang hole and stings you repeatedly on your tender insides?

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'Tis the season for Duck Hunting

December 27 2007 03:33PM


In what can only be described as sweet delicious barbequed irony, the Oilers are on the verge of sweeping the Mighty Ducks in the season series tonight.

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See you in 2013, Devils

December 22 2007 12:42PM


We were blown away by the Devils fans in Rexall last night, proudly wearing their Brodeur and Pandolfo jerseys.

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Before it was even called Rexall...

December 21 2007 08:25AM


Does anyone remember the last time the Oilers played host to the Devils?

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TSN starts to get the point, but misses the point on Moreau

December 20 2007 01:59PM


Well it seems like TSN is finally wising up to the fact that the Mighty Oil aren’t the doormats that they were when the season started.

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