Trade deadline 2008 is officially boring as hell (so far)

February 26 2008 09:57AM


We watched TSN over breakfast this morning.

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T’was the day before the trade deadline and... nothing

February 25 2008 04:30PM


We have been hard at work, in between ducking coworkers and ignoring phone calls, trying to find out anything ANYTHING about trade rumors for the Oil.

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Things are tough all over

February 25 2008 04:19PM


With the report still ringing in our ears that Ethan Moreau is done for the season, word comes out of Montreal this afternoon that a substantial part of the Canadiens Practice Facility (currently under construction) has collapsed.

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It’s a good thing Katz can get the Oil a deal on painkillers and bandages

February 25 2008 02:19PM


It isn’t hard to make a case that the new generation of Oilers (Gagner, Cogliano, Gilbert, Nilsson) are taking the reins of the runaway wagon that has become the Mighty Oil this season.

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CONTEST: Tradestravaganza - Win an Oilers jersey!

February 24 2008 11:20PM


You can now vote in the polls!

It's trade deadline time, lambs.

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