Almost Home

Robert Cleave
May 19 2011 10:21PM


As a Winnipegger, I've spent the last couple of years watching the NHL's endless machinations to keep a team in Phoenix with considerable amusement and maybe just a touch of anger. For all the talk of arenas and owners, or lack thereof, I'd be lying if I said that I ever felt as if my Arctic outpost got the same level of league attention when things were going to hell in '94 and '95.

So tonight, as the first bits of news have begun trickling in that my hometown really was on the verge of getting a second bite at the cherry, I'm struck by how unsettled I'm feeling about the whole enterprise.

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The Draft One Year Later (Part 2)

May 19 2011 05:00PM

If the Edmonton Oilers are going to be an impact team in this decade, the 2010 draft will serve as a foundation. Unlike previous seasons where the club lacked a 2nd and 3rd rd pick (2008) or went off the board in search of needs (2009), the 2010 draft combined three vital items: a strong scouting staff, an enormous opportunity and a quad-venti order of luck.  

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The Draft One Year Later (Part 1)

May 19 2011 07:21AM

The prevailing wisdom among followers of the NHL draft is that 5 years is the earliest possible point to pass judgement on a specific draft. While boring, it makes a lot of sense: 5 years gives college kids a chance to play all 4 years and junior kids can play 2 and then begin their pro careers. After five, everyone should have played at least one season in pro hockey. However, how long before a bad draft begins to smell? Not long. 

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May 19 2011 12:33AM

This is Brian Sutherby. 26th pick overall in the 2000 Entry Draft, a Silver medalist at the 2002 World Juniors and now 460 games deep in his NHL career. And today he makes his first appearance of a regular series over the summer on NationRadio.

Also on the show this week is James Mirtle, Terry Jones and Oliver Gabriel who has just been signed to a 3 year contract by the Blue Jackets.

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Robin Brownlee
May 18 2011 09:45PM

We're getting early indications, via Twitter from Edmonton council member Don Iveson, that council has voted 8-5 in favour of a motion "to approve a framework" for an arena deal. While this vote doesn't constitute a "done deal" by any stretch, it's a significant step in seeing the project move toward the day shovels go in the the ground.

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