Taylor Hall: Road Warrior

February 12 2011 07:47AM

Taylor Hall's rookie season has been a blessing for Oiler fans. Why? There's always a reason to watch the town team. However, Hall has been more impressive on the road than at home. Is it a big difference? Read on.

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February 11 2011 10:14AM

TGIF Nation. On this fine Friday let's talk dual charitable drives and give a NationRadio update. Reading blogs sure beats working don't it? Ooh yeah.

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Dustin Penner

Jonathan Willis
February 10 2011 10:55PM

Early on, I was a Dustin Penner critic. While even early on I’d gladly admit that Penner was easily Kevin Lowe’s best foray into acquiring restricted free agents, I didn’t start warming up to him until 2008-09 and didn’t become a dedicated fan until last season.

Now though, I’d argue that it would be a serious mistake to move Dustin Penner.*

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More Bullets for Stu

February 10 2011 05:39PM

All of the talk surrounding Hemsky and Penner being dealt is starting to cloud the issue: Steve Tambellini's job at the deadline is to deliver more bullets to Stu (Magnificent Bastard) MacGregor.

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Robin Brownlee
February 10 2011 10:37AM

Occasionally, I'm reminded of the time I saw Edmonton Oilers defenseman Boris Mironov stagger out of a taxi in Los Angeles stinking of booze early in the morning after an all-night bender only to have horrified coach Ron Low insist, "You didn't see that."

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