January 29 2012 12:12PM

In the summertime--July 1, mostly--Steve Tambellini made a series of moves designed to improve the big league team. This All-Star weekend, it is clear those moves have not had the desired effect. Were these poor bets?

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Nation Radio - January 28, 2012

January 29 2012 11:33AM



It was all Edmonton all the time on all-star Saturday. Lowetide was visited by Terry Jones, Dennis King, Jim Byers and Corey Graham to talk about everything from the major league Oilers to minor league Oil Kings.

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January 28 2012 08:42AM

Glen Sather suffered through bad times as GM of the Edmonton Oilers. However, by the time the Oilers began failing under his watch, Sather had already sealed his legacy with 5 Stanley's. Today's Oiler leadership is at the All-Star break and in year 2 through 6 (depending on your pov) of a rebuild. What does the future hold for Steve Tambellini? Tom Renney?

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Jason Gregor
January 27 2012 11:42AM


The All Star draft came and went, and there was no real drama. Real drama would have had the Sedins sitting as the last two picks, thus forcing Zdeno Chara to pick one of them, and leaving the other last. That would have been great TV, and quite intriguing, moreso to see what Chara's facial expressions would be.

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Buying Out Shawn Horcoff

Jonathan Willis
January 27 2012 10:23AM

‘Time heals all wounds’ is a truism that’s typically related to deep personal hurt – the death of a loved one, infidelity, that sort of thing. Yet, it also works when it comes to bad contracts and the NHL, assuming the people handing out bad contracts have the ability to shell out money taken away from them.

Take, for instance, the Shawn Horcoff contract, often viewed as something of a millstone around the Oilers’ collective neck. At this point, it probably doesn’t matter.

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