Kelly Buchberger: The Perfect Fit?

Jonathan Willis
June 23 2009 01:49PM

bucky Photo by Håkan Dahlström. View his Flickr stream. When the Oilers announced major changes to their coaching staff this summer, the only survivor was former captain Kelly Buchberger. Head coach Craig MacTavish, assistants Charlie Huddy and Bill Moores, and video coach Brian Ross all saw their employment terminated. Goaltending coach Pete Peeters was let go a few weeks later, and Springfield Head Coach Jeff Truitt was let go earlier in the year.

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Journey to the Fin Du Monde

June 22 2009 03:09PM

Jason Gregor is going to the 2009 NHL Entry Draft

As loyal Nationeers are aware, something excellent happened last week – something that could only happen when a bunch of ridiculous Oilers fans band together to ensure that they're getting best coverage a young website can provide them with.

Like a pack of maddened, hockey-obsessed jackals, you goons got together and decided to fundraise to send a Nation writer to Montreal so you could get all the Entry Draft coverage you'd ever want. It started with a snide remark Brownlee made about Wanye being a "cheap screw".

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Rolling with Wanye I

June 22 2009 08:30AM


Rolling with Wanye is so often a hilarious confluence of random and strange occurrences that it's a wonder I don't do it more often. But as some of you will note, Wanye Gretz is an elusive and enigmatic dude.

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Father's Day 2009: Not a hockey blog

Robin Brownlee
June 21 2009 02:56PM

Until three years ago, Father's Day was a day I tried to ignore. A day I wanted to come and go as quickly as possible. It had been a day that made me dark and sad and envious and angry. It was a day I always ended up feeling sorry for myself, and loathing how I always fell into that trap. I'm guessing I'm not alone in that.

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Reading Between the Lines: “Dawn of a New Era” is Probably Too Much

Jonathan Willis
June 21 2009 12:19PM


I’m going to read between the lines here a little bit, which is always a risky exercise, so feel free to point out if I’m misinterpreting things here. If I’m not, we could have a very good idea what (if anything) the Oilers are offering for Dany Heatley.

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