One NHL record set, one stopped a game shy, and a win!

February 27 2008 09:07AM


One would think with a headline like that, you could make a real attempt at tricking yourself into thinking the season was going well.

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It’s a good thing Lowe stayed out of the Hossa game

February 26 2008 02:10PM


If that's what it was going to cost to get the shifty bugger, it kills us to say it but it's probably best the Oil stayed out of the Hossa sweepstakes.

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This is how you say WTF in American sign language

February 26 2008 01:28PM


We thought we would put it in terms that an apparently deaf organization might have an outside chance of understanding.

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Columbus takes out the trash: Fedorov traded to the Capitals, Foote goes back to the AVs

February 26 2008 11:56AM


The Caps seem to have an unquenchable thirst for overrated Euros long past their prime.

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Now it's on!

February 26 2008 10:11AM


Brad Richards has been traded to the Dallas Stars for goalie Mike Smith, centre Jeff Halpern and winger Jussi Jokinen.

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