Jason Gregor
September 27 2011 01:55PM


Ales Hemsky will suit up for his first action of the preseason tonight, and yesterday he thought he might have to be the shooter on his line. Hemsky said he was going to skate with the Ryans, Smyth and Nugent-Hopkins and was prepared to add a new wrinkle to his game.

"I think i'm the shooter on the line right now. Smitty doesn't shoot too much (laughs) so we'll see tomorrow. I've got a new stick so I'm planning on firing more."

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September 26 2011 09:17PM

One of the many traditions here at the interwebian website is the annual rite of picking the Goat and the Star for the upcoming season. What began as a way to blame an entirely awful season on a single undeserving player has evolved into a hilarious means of mocking one another to pass the time.

The season draws near - the goats need be named.

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Robin Brownlee
September 26 2011 05:55PM

Some fans are asking if it would make sense for the Edmonton Oilers to put forward an offer sheet on Drew Doughty, who is locked in a contract dispute with the Los Angeles Kings. Uh, no. No it doesn't.

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Oilers Cut 12; Of The Leftovers, Who Has The Best Chance of Sticking?

Jonathan Willis
September 26 2011 01:08PM

The Edmonton Oilers continued to separate the wheat from the chaff this morning, shipping 12 players off, most of them to Oklahoma City. None of the players sent out are particularly surprising – Chris VandeVelde might have been expected to stick a little longer, and Kirill Tulupov appears destined for an AHL contract, but on the whole the more interesting exercise is looking at the guys who remain rather than the guys who just got sent away.

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Jason Gregor
September 26 2011 09:51AM


Most Canadians at some point in their lives have dreamt about being in the NHL. Whether it was through your own eyes, the eyes of a parent as you took your child to a 6 a.m. practice, or even as your infant sits on your lap while you watch Hockey Night in Canada, most of us have fantasized about being directly involved in the NHL.

Often we watch those who have accomplished the near-impossible dream and wish we had their life - millions of dollars, millions of fans and seemingly no real-life issues.
However, no amount of money and fame can protect you from the harsh realities of life.

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