Gilbert signs a six-year deal with the Oilers

April 11 2008 12:50PM


Whoa, nice rookie season kid.

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It says here: Brownlee's off-season predictions

Robin Brownlee
April 10 2008 12:00PM

(With the pressure of the stretch drive past him, Lowe turns his attention to the off-season.) If you haven't lapsed into a coma reading playoff predictions and watching that wretched Maggie the Monkey make fools of hockey insiders on TSN, let's get down to prognostication that matters in this non-playoff corner of the NHL.

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Wanye Gretz’s Playoff Analysis™ – Round One: Montreal vs Boston

April 10 2008 11:06AM

habsfans.JPG  (click image to enlarge) First thing’s first. If the Habs go deep in these here ‘08 Stanley Cup playoffs, we’re all going to get our collective ass kicked by each and every Habs fan in each and every playoff pool.

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Eastern Conference Predictions

April 09 2008 11:18AM


Ah the Eastern Conference Stanley Cup Playoffs of 2008. Years from now historians will be discussing “The sentinel moment in human evolution, when the Washington Capitals took a 1–0 series lead over the Philadelphia Flyers.”

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Wanye Gretz's Playoff Analysis™ Round One: SJ vs CGY

April 08 2008 07:45AM


We predicted San Jose would win in six games and got chirped by something called a “flame-on-oil.”

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