Research that sets us apart...

August 04 2008 10:14AM

In order to better understand the Man We Are Now Calling Tambo (apparently), I’ve gone out and done some critical research.

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Tambo, meet MacT

Jonathan Willis
August 02 2008 04:00PM

One of the three hundred or so questions buzzing through my head as I learned that Steve Tambellini was to become the new General Manager of the Oilers was what his relationship would be like with Craig MacTavish.

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Wanye Weighs In: The Tambellini-Lowe-Katz Saga

August 01 2008 09:55AM

As we mentioned earlier, we tried to find out what happened last night by calling people who should know.

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When the going gets tough...

August 01 2008 09:40AM

... the tough make nicknames.

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Tambellini will be a good fit for the Oil

Jonathan Willis
August 01 2008 08:20AM

In June 2004, Steve Tambellini was promoted to Vice President and Assistant General Manager of the Vancouver Canucks (as well as the GM of the Manitoba Moose). Yesterday, he was named as the new General Manager of the Edmonton Oilers.

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