Around the Blogosphere: April 6th

Jonathan Willis
April 06 2009 03:00PM


Below, you’re going to see a link that takes you to an article arguing that the Oilers should sign Josh Harding to an offer sheet. The article argues that this is in the best interest of the Oilers, but what about Josh Harding? Is it fair that he continue to toil behind Nik Backstrom despite his own exceptional talents? Look how crushed he is in this picture. I’m sure it’s all he can do to put on a smile and congratulate Backstrom – all while carefully hiding his eyes from the camera, lest someone should see his real feelings.

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The Odds

Jonathan Willis
April 06 2009 09:39AM


Let’s assume the Oilers can win out their remaining three games (1 against Los Angeles, 2 against Calgary). How much help would they need from their opposition?

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QTNA 6: Sexy Texty and Salary Caps

Jason Gregor
April 06 2009 09:24AM


I appreciate all of the questions that you have sent in, and I'm always surprised at how many are non-sports related. I won't give financial advice, and while some of the dating ones are funny I'm no Dr. Sue Johanson. Although hosting a show like that once a week would be pure comedy. Apparently people think if you are on the radio you are interested in solving all of life's little mysteries.

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Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

Amber McCormick
April 05 2009 07:00AM

Zach Attack

As we approach the end of another disappointing season I can’t help but wonder what, if anything, would the Oil have done differently. The obvious answer would be win more, but each player is as unique a snowflake.

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GDB79: A chip and a chair

April 04 2009 06:10PM


Sometimes you find yourself walking into a casino and you tell yourself "Self - you have exactly $100 to play with tonight. Ok, if you really want to you can also hit up the ATM for another $100 but seriously that's it." Then you blast through the first hundo, hit up the ATM twice for a pair of centuries and find yourself sitting at the table with $40 you borrowed off your buddy. It's just you and the dealer and the two of you know it's time for one thing and one thing only.

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