Jason Gregor
March 26 2011 03:53PM

Tonight is like a playoff game for Oiler fans. Win and the Oilers can unofficially, scratch that, OFFICIALLY, eliminate the Calgary Flames from playoff contention. The past two seasons have been excruciatingly tough to stomach, yet Rexall Place has been sold out every night. I know the Oilers are understaffed and are playing with three 3rd lines and a 4th line tonight, but the players must recognize what a win would mean to the fans.

A true Oiler fan despises the Flames.
You loathe them.
They disgust you.
Adhor sits at the edge of your tongue when you see a Flames jersey, and for the love of hockey the Oilers better SHOW UP tonight.

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Pääjärvi's Season

March 26 2011 08:34AM

Magnus Pääjärvi is a very impressive young player. Size, blazing speed and exceptional attention to defensive detail for a man his age. As his rookie season nears an end, there is one question we should ask about him: is he going to score enough to be a long term option for the top 2 lines?

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Oilers Prospects on Display in CHL Playoffs

March 25 2011 06:06PM

For weary Edmonton Oiler fans, the CHL post-season has arrived just in time. An extremely large number of Oiler prospects will be playing in the post-season in hopes of winning league championships and ultimately the Memorial Cup.

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Opportunities To Win

Jonathan Willis
March 25 2011 10:29AM

When a goaltender has a bad game, it almost always results in a loss. A lot of times, teams don’t need a miracle in net, just an opportunity to win. How have Devan Dubnyk and Nikolai Khabibulin performed when it comes to giving the Oilers a chance to win any given game?

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March 24 2011 03:13PM

We have completely forgotten how to behave as the fan of a 30th place hockey team. Even though your team has been written off months ago, you still have a responsibility to send ill will to your enemies via the magic of telepathy. Misery loves company and there are a great many hopeful hockey fans clinging to dreams of a 2011 Playoff Run and living their lives day-to-day.

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