The New Forward Order

Jonathan Willis
November 17 2015 10:00AM


Necessity, according to the old saying, is the mother of invention. It certainly explains how the line of Taylor Hall, Leon Draisaitl and Teddy Purcell ended up playing together against the Los Angeles Kings on Saturday.

The surprise is that the line worked. If it continues to work as other players get healthy, the Oilers may just be able to run two competent scoring lines even in the absence of Connor McDavid.

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Robin Brownlee
November 17 2015 08:00AM


The old saying is that close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, and maybe that’s why fans who believe the 2015-16 edition of the Edmonton Oilers is better than the team they watched a year ago get a headache when they look where the Oilers sit in NHL standings.

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Eetu Laurikainen's Departure For Finland Isn't a Bad Thing

Cat Silverman
November 16 2015 06:39PM

Finnish netminder Eetu Laurikainen had one hell of a season for the Espoo Blues last season, so I was pretty excited to see him ink a deal within the Edmonton system last year. I won't lie, I totally hopped on board that hype train. 

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McDavid on road to recovery

Jason Gregor
November 16 2015 03:27PM


Connor McDavid spoke to the media and Oilers fans today for the first time since breaking his clavicle versus the Philadelphia Flyers two weeks ago.

McDavid wasn’t wearing a sling and said he was already back working out. “I did upper body today,” he said. “The good news is it (injury) was only a bone and not a separated shoulder or torn labrum. It will heal and I will be fine,” McDavid continued. For clarity sake "doing upper body" doesn't mean he was lifting heavy weight on his left side, but he has started rehab already.

He will see the doctor later today or tomorrow to get an update on his recovery. He said it feels better than he expected, but he did not give a timetable for his return, though we do know he will not play until 2016.

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North By NorthGretz Podcast Episode 3

North By NorthGretz
November 16 2015 12:00PM


We're back! This week the boys talk about #ChipWars2015, dive deep into the mind of Chris The Intern as he answers random trivia questions, and also mix in a little hockey talk as well. Grab your favourite bag of chips and come along for the ride! 

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