August 12 2016 01:37PM

ana d

For most of this spring and summer, I thought the best match for the Oilers was Disneyland. The match between Edmonton and the Anaheim Ducks was obvious before Milan Lucic arrived, and I think it still makes sense after Hall for Larsson. Is Cam Fowler a future Oiler?

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How Escrow is becoming a Growing Concern in the NHL

Chris Beardy
August 12 2016 09:00AM

Back in the spring, discussion among the NHLPA’s members (aka all of the NHL players) had a discussion that created some division inside the union. At the heart of it was a growing discontent with the shrinking of some players’ paychecks so that others could get larger contract offers. The cause of this was one 2012’s dirtiest words in hockey: Escrow. Escrow is a fairly confusing provision in the 2013 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) meant to ensure that hockey-related revenue (HRR) is split between the players and the franchise owners in accordance with the CBA. It is not necessarily something that fans need to know to enjoy the game or even understand the decisions that their team’s management and their favorite players make, but it is a concerning issue for the players and it may pop up once again in the next round of CBA negotiations.

My goal here is to:

  1. explain how escrow works in the confines of the current salary cap system,
  2. give an estimate of escrow for the 2015-16
  3. estimating the effect of the salary cap escalator on escrow in 2015-16,
  4. provide an explanation of how escrow can create a division in the players’ union, and
  5. predict potential changes to the salary cap system in the next round of CBA negotiations.

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The Roundup

Nation World HQ
August 12 2016 05:00AM


Good chance Mitch Marner makes the Leafs, Jim Benning speaks in Van, 4 big questions heading into the season for Calgary, how will Lucic age over 7 years in Edmonton, working backwards to find Cup winners, identifying the best passers in the NHL, a Hall of Fame debate and more in this week's Nation Roundup brought to you by Violent Gentlemen.

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August 11 2016 09:54PM

draisaitl williams2

Leon Draisaitl (in photo by Mark Williams) will be counted on to center a line that will no doubt feature a substantially lesser wingman than Taylor Hall. If Todd McLellan can find the soft minutes for his young center, who might we see playing wing with Leon?

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Questions on coaching, PTOs and Gretzky to Red Wings

Jason Gregor
August 11 2016 10:09AM

I love the Olympics. Watching young Penny Oleksiak and the swimming team has been fantastic and a welcome reprieve from another long NHL off-season in Edmonton. I'm looking forward to track and field starting Friday, as well as the playoff rounds in soccer, basketball and Oleksiak going for gold in the 100m freestyle. Yesterday the powerful 16-year-old was 0.01 seconds behind Cate Campbell, who set the Olympic record in their semi-final race. Oleksiak has a legit shot at her fourth medal of the games tonight at 8:18 MDT. She is must-watch TV.

Here are some Oilers thoughts regarding coaching, PTOs and story from Wayne Gretzky that could have significantly altered the NHL landscape to hope pass the time until you watch Oleksiak, and hopefully some other Canadians, reach the podium later today.

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