Monday Mailbag - Where did the goals go?

November 21 2016 07:00AM



Now, I'm not going to suggest that you've wandered over to this website during company time because you have no desire to work, but I'm not ready to take that off the table. I mean, I get it. You're back at work after spending the weekend doing whatever it is that you do and you need to get the engine running before you can move forward. Sometimes starting the engine involves spending a few minutes reading the answers to questions you've always wondered about, and that's where the mailbag comes in. If there's something you'd like to know, feel free to email me your question or hit me up on Twitter and I'll try to get you in as soon as possible. Until then, I present this week's edition of the mailbag. Enjoy.

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November 20 2016 08:44PM

khaira williams2

Jujhar Khaira returned from injury this week, but the Bakersfield Condors couldn't get the offense going beyond a goal here or there. ZIyat Paigin finally returned to KHL action after a long layoff and the CHL and NCAA prospects were filling the net this week. Let's have a look. Photo by Mark Williams, all rights reserved.

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Pouliot's Struggles

Matt Henderson
November 20 2016 02:00PM

Benoit Pouliot took a seat last night as the Oilers looked to different men to spark the team and get back into the Win column. Pouliot has been a divisive player during his time in Edmonton, and really over his entire career. He’s known both for his 5v5 offense and for his innate ability to get penalized in the offensive zone, but what’s going on with him this year?

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November 20 2016 11:38AM

slepyshev williams

For most of this century, the Edmonton Oilers have had a terrible time in the procurement department. Early on, the club was drafting players the coach didn't seem to value (Jani Rita, Rob Schremp) and still later the drafting department stopped producing players who could dominate in the AHL. Add that to management's tendency to flush men like Jason Chimera and Kyle Brodziak just as they were ready to establish themselves, and it made for a vexing situation. Are there signs things could be getting better? (Photo of Anton Slepyshev by Mark Williams, all rights reserved). 

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What the NWHL Salary Cuts Mean for Women in Hockey

Kyla Lane
November 20 2016 09:00AM


If you Google the NWHL, its Wikipedia page comes up with (2015 - ) beside its name. If you Google the NHL, there’s no date beside it. This could mean absolutely nothing, but considering Friday’s events regarding the NWHL, it seems to be an eery reminder that the National Women’s Hockey League seemingly has an expiry date attached to it. While I realize this topic lacks the Oilers, I also think that the downfall of the first professional women’s hockey league that promised to pay its players is a topic that all hockey fans should be concerned about.

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