December 06 2014 07:52AM

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Richard Bachman had an incredible week (2GP, 0.48 .984) for the Oklahoma City Barons and leads this week's good arrows. He's joined by Jason Williams (AHL), Greg Chase (WHL), Zack Nagelvoort (NCAA) and Anton Slepyshev (KHL). More after the break.

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Let’s talk about how this terrible Oilers team is all Craig MacTavish’s fault

Jonathan Willis
December 05 2014 11:08PM

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Craig MacTavish’s press conference on Friday pleased very few people; he promised off the top that nobody was going to be satisfied by it and he delivered.

One of the prickliest moments came when the general manager was lumped in by a reporter with Kevin Lowe and Scott Howson as part of the management team that has run the Oilers into the ground. MacTavish argued that he’d been on the job less than two years; in the aftermath a number of writers have since doubled down on the claim that he’s been one of those primarily responsible for destroying the team.

Who is right?

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MacT Speaks...

Jason Gregor
December 05 2014 11:59AM

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Craig MacTavish opened his press conference with, "This availability will not satisfy anyone."

Bang on, but some of his responses to question did grab my attention.

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Sitting Down with Ryan Robinson

December 05 2014 10:53AM

Right now, you may be asking yourself who the hell is Ryan Robinson?  Well... Ryan is the guy behind the emotional "Life As An Oilers Fan" video that has been making the rounds of the Oilogosphere in the past few days.  If you haven't watched Ryan's video, take a few minutes to do that today.  After posting this to YouTube on Wednesday, Ryan's video has already racked up more than 23,000 views.  Ryan took a few minutes to sit down with me, and explain what inspired him to speak out via his YouTube page.  Here is part of our conversation.

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The Roundup

Nation World HQ
December 05 2014 07:30AM

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Canucks luck, Tyler Bozak, Jake Gardiner, Oiler fans, Darryl Katz, Flames scoring chances, a new comic and more in this week's Roundup.

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