Robin Brownlee
August 18 2015 02:00PM


It’s not surprising that during the slowest part of the NHL off-season a couple of speed demons hogged the headlines Monday as Connor McDavid and Taylor Hall of the Edmonton Oilers took a twirl together at the BioSteel Pro Hockey Camp in Toronto.

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August 18 2015 12:00PM

They've been making Connor McDavid highlight videos on YouTube since 2011-12, so he must be the real thing. As much value as YouTube scouting has (I keed), It's always good to get confirmation on these things, and for Oilers fans a word or two from Taylor Hall is just the ticket.

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Why Daniel Briere Isn’t Remembered as a Coyote

Jonathan Willis
August 18 2015 10:14AM

On Monday, Daniel Briere announced his retirement from the NHL. The 37-year-old centre finished his career with 696 points in 973 games played; he took a while to adapt his game at the NHL level but once he arrived, he was a player.

The Phoenix Coyotes drafted Briere, developed him and saw him breakout in their organization. But Briere ultimately had his best seasons with the Buffalo Sabres thanks to a curious little deal at the 2003 NHL Trade Deadline.

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August 17 2015 11:00AM

chiarelli capture draft

Peter Chiarelli has changed the chess pieces over the summer and the Edmonton Oilers have more young firepower than the club has been able to cobble together since the glory days. With great opportunity comes great responsibility and for Chiarelli the clock is ticking. What's on his whiteboard? What keeps him up at night? Let's have a look.

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Monday Mailbag - August 17th

August 17 2015 08:00AM


The worst part about going back to work on Monday is that you have to try and find things to do until you're allowed to leave. You drink 48 glasses of water. Make sure Twitter hasn't changed in the 15 minutes since you last checked it. You read all the celebrity gossip that you pretend you don't care about. Corporate me used to restart my company computer a few times and pretend that there were some kind of updates that had to be done. The struggle is real. Finishing your Monday without throat punching a coworker is a goal we all strive for. As always, the Mailbag is here to help you achieve that goal. I need questions for next week so please email them to me to or DM them to me on Twitter. Without further adieu - the Mailbag. 

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