The #FarewellRexallPlace Picture Contest Finalists

April 14 2016 03:00PM

One last time. #FarewellRexallPlace

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Last week, I asked you guys to send in some of the best pictures you took from in and around Rexall Place as we bid farewell to the old barn that we all grew up in. As expected, you guys stepped up in a huge way and I was absolutely bombarded with dozens of pictures from over the years. With so many great pictures it was almost impossible to pare the entries down to only five finalists, but we made it happen (complete with coin tosses) and now the time has come to vote on the finalists. 

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Projecting Defencemen (Reveal)

Jonathan Willis
April 14 2016 01:14PM

Yesterday, I put up five profiles of young defencemen, featuring scouting reports and statistical profiles. In a (somewhat failed) attempt to keep things anonymous, I made minor modifications to height and weight, projected totals over 82 games and offered a draft range rather than a specific number.

Then I asked readers to rank the defencemen.

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The Condors Play Out the String

Scott Zerr
April 14 2016 07:00AM


After having their playoff hopes dashed by the rival Ontario Reign last Saturday, the Bakersfield Condors wanted to make another in-state competitor feel the same pain.

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WWYDW: Projecting Defencemen

Jonathan Willis
April 13 2016 11:00AM

Defensive mess

Defence can be a hard position to assess and predict, and I wanted to illustrate the uncertainty involved in this week’s edition of What Would You Do Wednesday.

The following piece includes stats, scouting reports and other key pieces of information for five young defencemen, each of them unnamed. Each defenceman is in his third year post-entry draft at the time these snapshots were taken. The challenge is to pick the best of the lot. 

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Speaking Of... The Stanley Cup Playoffs

Chris the Intern
April 13 2016 09:00AM

Screenshot 2016-04-11 15.58.08

I hate to disappoint everyone, but the season coming to an end also means the injury report has come to an end as well. So today we say goodbye to the Injury Report for the summer, and say hello to my new segment, "Speaking Of!"

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