Justin Schultz’s role on the Edmonton Oilers blue line

Jonathan Willis
September 01 2014 10:56AM


Any conversation about the 2014-15 Oilers’ defence corps needs to start with a simple truth: Justin Schultz has been ordained as the team’s No. 1 defenceman, and the success or failure of the group is likely to hinge to a great extent on his success or failure in that role.

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August 31 2014 12:26PM


September long is here, but the Oilers didn't give us the rookie TC roster to discuss. Word is it'll be out next week, and the main list will arrive behind it. Since we have all afternoon to talk Oilers (tomorrow will be devoted to the Eskimos) let's see how close we can get to the actual list.

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August 30 2014 07:23PM

top 20

And we're back! It seems like only yesterday (that's a lie) we gathered together to count down the best prospects in the Oilers system heading into fall. A year ago, the three best prospects were defensemen and six of the top 10 patrolled the blue.

A lot has changed in 12 months.

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August 29 2014 10:19PM

draisaitl draft board

I'd love to talk to an NHL coach someday about the gift of teenagers forced upon them by general managers. We're about to see another one, and there's nothing (apparently) Dallas Eakins can do about it. Who will it impact, beyond the coach? Let's have a look.

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Justin Schultz has Norris potential. He also has a bad contract.

Jonathan Willis
August 29 2014 08:09PM


In his press availability announcing the news of the Justin Schultz signing, Edmonton Oilers general manager Craig MacTavish courted controversy by saying that the young defender “has Norris Trophy potential.”

He might be right about that. The ironic thing is that if he is, it just makes the terms of Schultz’s new deal even worse.

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