"It's Over": Yakupov Traded

Jason Gregor
October 09 2016 09:00AM


Those were the first words Nail Yakupov said to Gene Principe when discussing his trade to St.Louis. His trade was not a surprise, considering he had asked for one eight months ago, and it was time for him and the Oilers to part ways.

Both the Oilers and Yakupov are responsible for this partnership ending sooner than most expected when he was drafted first overall in June of 2012.

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Breaking Down Summer 2016: Metropolitan Division

Cam Lewis
October 09 2016 07:00AM

This article is part of a four-part series that lists all of the transactions made by each NHL team and discusses what each team’s offseason means in the context of their division. Information and data was taken from: NHL Numbers, Hockey Reference, General Fanager, Hockey Analysis, Corsica, TSN, and Rotowire. Also, a special thanks to Sean Tierney who provided data visualization for the series. 

There isn't much you can really do to improve your chances at success when you play in the same division as the defending Stanley Cup Champions and Presidents Trophy winner. 

It's hard to imagine anybody getting past either the Capitals or Penguins at the top of the Metropolitan Division standings, but with the Rangers and Islanders seemingly poised to take a step backwards, one of the rebuilding teams could take an opportunity to trend upwards. 

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October 08 2016 01:00PM


Connor McDavid is the captain of the Oilers, and October means snow in Edmonton. After that? The Edmonton Oilers roster is in a state of flux—and one suspects Peter Chiarelli is not finished tinkering for opening night.

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Highlights from the waiver wire, 10/8/16 edition

Jonathan Willis
October 08 2016 11:30AM

Today's edition of highlights from the waiver wire includes a recent 11th overall draft pick and a trio of intriguing depth options at centre. Let's jump try to the players.

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A Few Words

Matt Henderson
October 08 2016 09:52AM

Shovels down. The deed finally over, we look around with mild amounts of shame in our eyes. The deafening silence only serves to build the tension. Somebody has to say something but everyone’s gaze is crawling the ground. Fine. I guess someone should say something. It’s the least he deserved.

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