Robin Brownlee
January 08 2017 10:28AM


For the better part of the last decade, documenting the Edmonton Oilers at the halfway mark of the season has been a tale of defeat, ineptitude and frustration. Over and over and over again. A hockey version of Groundhog Day, only with Bill Murray kicking Oiler fans in the pills.

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GDB 41.0 Wrap Up: Somebody that I used to know

January 07 2017 08:07PM


Game Day

(photoshop: @isuckatpicking)

MARK-LE TES-TU! Final Score: 2-1 Oilers in OT

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January 07 2017 11:00AM


As a bona fide Springsteen fan I had a helluva time picking today's GD song. I almost went with Darkness on the Edge of Town but wanted to go with something more hopeful (haha, Springsteen hopeful, listen to me reaching for the unlikely). I settled on a driving song, the wonderful Drive All Night. I believe this is going to be a strange game for everyone: Hall, the Oilers, you, me. How can it be anything else?

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January 06 2017 09:35PM

benson capture 3

The only question surrounding Tyler Benson on draft day 2016 was health. If he had been able to play a full season in his eligible year, the young Vancouver Giants winger would have been a strong candidate for the first round—possibly the top 15 overall. As it happened, he fell to the early portion of the second round and to his hometown Edmonton Oilers. Benson's draft +1 season has been going very well, in fact, recent production has been very strong. He was scratched the other night in Edmonton and again tonight. What is going on?

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Waiver Eligibility & the Bakersfield Condors

Jonathan Willis
January 06 2017 12:17PM


As the Edmonton Oilers enter the back half of the 2016-17 season, it’s going to be worth watching how they handle a number of prospects currently in the AHL. Most of the team’s significant minor-leaguers are in their last season of waiver exemption—which means it’s either impress now, or go into training camp next fall as an outsider.

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