GDB 45.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Lightning

January 15 2015 08:12PM

Third period leads are the Oilers kryptonite. Final Score: 3-2 Lightning.

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GDB 45.0: To Tampa and beyond...

Jason Gregor
January 15 2015 12:21PM

Stanley Kubrick's 1968 movie, 2001: A Space Odyssey, is regarded as one of the great films of all-time. The premise of the movie deals with some interactions between humans and monoliths that are supposedly affecting human evolution.

It is a great flick, especially if you like Sci-Fi. The final quarter of the movie focuses on David Bowman's (astronaut) journey "beyond the infinite." While traveling, he gets caught in a vortex and suddenly sees older versions of himself in different situations, and then a black monolith appears in front of him. He reaches for it and is transformed into what I thought was a baby (fetus) and then we see him as a baby in a bubble orbiting earth. The movie focused on evolution, technology, extra terrestrial life and higher intelligence.

Buzz Lightyear's tag line in Toy Story, "To Infinity and beyond" relates to Bowman's adventure, and it got me thinking about the plight of the Oilers.

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You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone

Jonathan Willis
January 15 2015 10:29AM


On Wednesday, one-time Edmonton Oilers starter Devan Dubnyk found himself on the move once again, joining his fifth NHL organization since the start of last season. Last year, he was so wretched that he ended up bouncing around; this season he’s been so good that his services are suddenly in demand.

And if not for Dubnyk’s history with Edmonton, one would think that the Oilers would be one of those teams interested in the goalie.

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Sources Say: No Offer Made To Petry

Matt Henderson
January 14 2015 05:40PM

Looming overhead this entire season for the Oilers has been the contract status of Jeff Petry. As he was signed to a one year deal this past summer he was not eligible for contract negotiations until January 1st of this year. Despite the fact that the team can now negotiate with their top defenseman a source close to the situation has informed me that no such contract discussions have actually occurred.

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January 14 2015 03:42PM

jeff petry

In some ways, we've been following Jeff Petry as a young player for a decade but in terms of actually seeing him play games his arrival in the NHL in 2010 marks the beginning of his 'up close and personal' time as an Oilers player. There's still time for Petry to sign with the club but as January fades into February if we don't hear contract discussions I think it's fair to suggest we're seeing his final Oilers games.

Petry is an actual NHL defenseman and at this point is a cap bargain (that may change this summer). When discussing potential destinations for value players, it's always best to include Dean Lombardi and the Los Angeles Kings in the conversation.

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