Fayne enjoys playing defence

Jason Gregor
July 02 2014 10:47PM


Even in hockey crazed Edmonton, Mark Fayne could walk into a bar tonight and 99% of the people wouldn't recognize him. That will change very quickly, however, as fans become familiar with Fayne he likely will never receive a lot of publicity for his play, and that is a good thing, because it means he's excelling in his role.

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July 02 2014 07:03PM


The current slow play by GM Craig MacTavish at center benefits Mark Arcobello in a big way. Even if the Oilers go out and find a suitable 2line C, Arcobello will compete with No. 3 overall pick Leon Draisaitl for 3line duty this fall. Even if THAT duel ends in a loss for the diminutive center, he'll hang around as an extra forward waiting for slump or injury. Mark Arcobello keeps matriculating!

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3 Thoughts - Free Agency, Hockey Insiders, & Grabbing Ass

July 02 2014 02:30PM

I'm a thinker

When I'm not busy putting my feet up and pretending to be busy, I'm a deep thinker. I always have something rolling around in my brain. Usually these things have to do with the female anatomy and jelly beans, but once per week I bang my head against the desk and see what falls out. This week I offer my wisdoms on Oilers free agency, rumours, and Claude Giroux.

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What should the Edmonton Oilers be willing to trade for Patrik Berglund?

Jonathan Willis
July 02 2014 02:13PM


The St. Louis Blues are stacked at centre. Paul Stastny and KHL star Jori Lehtera (who looks like he’ll be a top-nine forward immediately) join a group that already had a pretty good quartet in David Backes, Vladimir Sobotka, Patrik Berglund and Max Lapierre.

It’s been suggested that the Blues would probably be very willing to move Berglund. Is he a fit in Edmonton?

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LFR: Have a bag of money

Steve Dangle
July 02 2014 11:28AM

Screen shot 2014-07-02 at 10.58.02 AM

NHL free agency is where GM's go crazy and players get to swim in money like Scrooge McDuck.

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