The North x NorthGretz Podcast - Dangly Earrings

North By NorthGretz
August 08 2016 02:18PM

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This week the boys are joined by the one and only Adam In Sales! They talk about Keith Gretzky, the Heritage Classic jerseys, the moving of the Gretzky statue and throw down a challenge to the listeners to help get us some dangly earrings!

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Monday Mailbag - Gretzky in, Howson out

August 08 2016 07:00AM



It's your favourite time of the week! The mailbag is back with all the answers to the questions you've always been wondering about. Curious about something hockey or life related? Email your question to me at or hit me up on Twitter. The mailbag is your time to shine, Nation, so get creative. Until then, I present you with another week's worth of wisdom. Enjoy.

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Paging Paigin

Matt Henderson
August 07 2016 07:00PM

The KHL has never been known for being kind to younger players. Even the really highly skilled kids generally have to earn their ice-time the hard way. For that reason it can be really hard to tell how these kids are coming along in their development just by looking at the numbers. As frustrating as this can be from the perspective of a North American fan trying to gauge how a European prospect is doing overseas, it can also lead to happy surprises.

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How is Milan Lucic likely to age over the next seven seasons?

Jonathan Willis
August 07 2016 04:52PM


Milan Lucic is an excellent NHL player in the here-and-now. I’d be very surprised if he isn’t a big help to the Edmonton Oilers next season, and given how he plays the game I’d be flat-out shocked if Oilers fans don’t embrace him.

I was curious though as to how players who scored the way he has the last three season have tended to age. Lucic’s new deal is seven years long, and it would be good to have an idea as to how that kind of commitment typically turns out.

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August 07 2016 09:47AM

I am a big believer in two things when it comes to prospect evaluation: Waiting five years (unless we are discussing Connor McDavid) to make the final call on a player as a prospect, and counting arrows—good and bad—during those five years. A little over one year since his draft day, Caleb Jones is gathering good arrows by the bushel.

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