The Edmonton Oilers need a good left-side defencemen

Jonathan Willis
October 12 2014 01:00PM


Two games in and it looks like Craig MacTavish’s offseason work has paid off up front. The Oilers are bigger, deeper and more capable at forward than they’ve been in ages.

The defence, on the other hand, has not been very good at all.

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Post 15: A step in the right direction

Jason Gregor
October 12 2014 10:52AM

The unpredictability of sports is what makes them so exciting. The Oilers dominated the Flames for close to 40 minutes on opening night, but the couldn't score at EV and ended up losing the game. Last night, the Oilers played decent, got outshot 43-29, mainly due to six consecutive penalties, but they came away with a point.

I think we'd all agree, including the Oilers, that playing well, and "learning a lesson", but losing is not what this team needs. They are past the point of moral victories that don't result in two points. They need victories. Ugly ones, pretty ones, unearned ones or deserved ones; they need simply need wins.

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October 11 2014 11:08PM


Thanksgiving is a harvest time celebration. Unfortunately, we're only celebrating the harvest tonight. Final score: 5-4 Canucks.

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October 11 2014 04:50PM

So maybe Thursday night didn’t go as planned. Corsi won, game lost. That’s okay. I’m willing to forgive and forget provided that this time the Oilers actually show up on time for puck drop. They can't drop 2 quick goals to the Canucks tonight. Can. Not. Happen. GOT IT?!?

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Calgary Flames' Minor League Thug Trevor Gillies Loses Tenuous Grasp on Sanity

Jonathan Willis
October 11 2014 12:00PM

Another Friday night, another ugly moment in the checkered career of Trevor Gillies, face-puncher for hire.

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