GDB 80.0: Tough defence...

Jason Gregor
April 07 2015 12:36PM

This is a classic David vs. Goliath matchup.

The LA Kings have won two of the past three Stanley Cups.
They've been to three consecutive Western Conference Finals.
They are 7-0-1 vs. the Oilers over the past two seasons, outscoring Edmonton 32-10 and out shooting them 313-192.

Compile that with the Oilers dressing an extremely inexperienced defence corps, and this is a monumental challenge for the Oilers.

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Tyler Pitlick activated, Andrew Miller reassigned to OKC

Jonathan Willis
April 07 2015 10:23AM


The Edmonton Oilers made a move on Monday, activating winger Tyler Pitlick off injured reserve and re-assigning Andrew Miller to Oklahoma City to make space on the roster for him. 

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The Edmonton Oilers need a No. 1 defenceman in the worst way

Jonathan Willis
April 07 2015 07:00AM

Defensive mess

There should be no question what the Edmonton Oilers’ greatest necessity is. The club desperately needs a top-pairing rearguard, preferably a No. 1 left-shooting defender. That player isn’t easy to find; even with a concerted effort the Oilers may not be able to land him and it isn’t at all clear that the team is willing to put the legwork in.

If there’s one benefit to Edmonton’s nasty skid of the past few days, it might be that the obvious need for a top defenceman has been made abundantly clear to management. The great fear is that it hasn’t.

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Robin Brownlee
April 06 2015 06:17PM

What kind of team are the Edmonton Oilers? Before you come up with the obvious one-word punchlines, I’m serious. Is there anything, aside from being perennial losers these past nine seasons, one trait, one aspect that defines the way the Oilers play? Anything they can hang their hats on? 

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Can the Oilers change?

Jason Gregor
April 06 2015 01:01PM

I'm sitting in the stands watching the final Monday practice of the Oilers season and I feel like Phil in Groundhog Day. It's sure seems like every Oilers fan and member of their organization has been in this exact same spot for the past six years. It is another lost season for the Orange and Blue. They need two wins in their final three games just to avoid finishing with the lowest win total in franchise history. Ouch.

There hasn't been any tangible improvement in six seasons, and unless the forensic audit of the organization decides to uncover the truth about what ails this team, I don't see them improving much next year.

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