Eyes on the Dollar: Edmonton Oilers

Cam Lewis
September 27 2015 09:00AM

This is a 30 part series analyzing the short and long term cap situations of each team in the NHL as we head into the 2015-16 season. The stats and information that I use in these articles is courtesy of Hockey Reference, War on Ice, and NHLNumbers. 

Here the Oilers were, strolling along leisurely with their endless rebuild that was going A-OK according to their braintrust, when they were blessed with the golden ticket. Much to the dismay of the entire league, the Oilers were gifted with their fourth first overall pick in six years at the best time imaginable. Connor McDavid is now an Oiler, and in a few short months, the franchise has completely flipped around for the better. They brought in a new coach and general manager, both of whom actually have experience and a history of success at the NHL level, they signed arguably the best defenceman on the free agency market, and they traded for a goalie that should certainly be an upgrade over what they had last year. 

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Edmonton Oilers cut 18 players, including four requiring waivers

Jonathan Willis
September 26 2015 10:34PM

Todd McLellan2

As promised, Todd McLellan and his coaching staff made big cuts to the training camp roster on the weekend. They didn’t even wait until Sunday to announce the moves, letting it be known on Saturday that the roster of 50 had been knocked all the way down to 32.

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The Dynamic Defensive Duo

Jonathan Willis
September 26 2015 07:16PM


We don’t know the precise makeup of Edmonton’s “fourth” line for this coming year, but it’s a fair bet that the duo of Matt Hendricks and Mark Letestu will form its heart. It’s also a fair bet that these two veterans will be putting in appearances in a lot of high-value defensive situations.

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September 26 2015 10:22AM

The Edmonton Oilers—four and OH in the pre-season -- are running back to Saskatoon today for a tilt with the thoroughly comatose Minnesota Wild. Are the prairies ready for McDavid? It's time to catch a piece of history.

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September 25 2015 01:18PM

For NHL purposes, the Jets and Oilers started the same day. Winnipeg and Edmonton entered the NHL at the same time, and both clubs were boot stomped within an inch of their lives by the establishment. The Jets, in a real way, never did recover from that beating. The Oilers? Five years later they were pillaging the entire league and beating them senseless. Pray those days return, and this time maybe Winnipeg can join in the fun.

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