Robin Brownlee
July 11 2016 04:54PM

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A tip of the cap to Leaking 5w-30, who got me thinking about some of the best and worst trades in the history of the Edmonton Oilers with his question in today’s edition of the Monday Mailbag.

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Draft pick valuation and the likelihood of goaltenders "making" the NHL

Steve Burtch
July 11 2016 10:24AM

Goaltenders are an uncertain commodity at the best of times. Draft pick valuation has presented a similar challenge to analysis for a variety of reasons, but most obviously due to an inability to agree upon measures of success at the NHL level for skaters. Combining these two issues would seemingly test the projection abilities of any rational approach, but I decided to make a run at it just prior to this year's draft.

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North x NorthGretz - Rough Ryders

North By NorthGretz
July 11 2016 10:07AM

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This week the boys are joined by the one and only Ryder from Hot 107! Ryder regales us with his humble radio beginnings, talks about the time he saw his first pair of boobs, shares some of his best radio moments and there’s even a little Oilers talk squeezed into the mix before another invaluable round of Ask The Idiots!

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Monday Mailbag - The Best Canadian Team?

July 11 2016 07:00AM


It's Monday and that means we're back with another edition of the Mailbag. This week, we talk about the best Canadian team at this moment, who the writers protect in the expansion draft, and where you would go if you had two weeks to take a road trip. As always, this feature depends on you guys so I need your questions for next week. If you have a question for next week's mailbag you can always feel free to fire off an email to or hit me up on Twitter at @jsbmbaggedmilk. Now let's all gather around to kill some company time and learn something. 

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July 10 2016 02:50PM

Shortly after the Edmonton Oilers acquired Adam Larsson this summer, my mind began to wander back through team history in search of a right-handed defenseman who could be called 'best' in the group. Of course, old timers like me immediately think of Lee Fogolin, he of the heart and soul that set the tone of unselfish play and sacrifice for the boys on the bus. Who is the best righty D in team history? Are there many?

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