Robin Brownlee
September 11 2016 12:30PM

There’s no such thing as having too much depth or too much competition for jobs at any position in professional sports, so there’s absolutely no downside to the potential addition of Kris Versteeg by the Edmonton Oilers by way of a PTO. If he shines and earns a contract, fine. If not, thanks for coming.

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September 11 2016 11:38AM

In all the excitement around left-wing this summer (Hall exit, Lucic entry) it is easy to forget that Benoit Pouliot delivered quality for the Oildrop in 2015-16. Where will he play this year?

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September 10 2016 11:44PM

The signing of Kris Versteeg allows us another opportunity to argue over lines for the coming season. It's a fun activity—although the actual lines in an NHL season are in constant movement and our memories play tricks on us. A year ago, Connor McDavid spent most of his time with Benoit Pouliot, Jordan Eberle, Nail Yakupov and Patrick Maroon. This year? Suspect we see a big train on his portside.

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September 09 2016 10:55PM

The Edmonton Oilers, historically, are not a strong destination for veteran NHL players who miss out on the big money of free agency. If I asked you to recall the last actual NHL player who attended Oilers camp on a tryout offer, what would your answer be? My answer after the break.

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Five Oilers to Watch This Season

September 09 2016 01:11PM


With the season fast approaching I started thinking about the roster and the players that need to make an impact this season. Here are five Oilers that I'll have my eyes on this year, and why I think they'll have a chance to succeed. As always, I encourage you to argue my list, create your own, and then we can spend the afternoon arguing away company time just as Connor McDavid would want us to do. 

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