North By NorthGretz Podcast Episode 3

North By NorthGretz
November 16 2015 12:00PM


We're back! This week the boys talk about #ChipWars2015, dive deep into the mind of Chris The Intern as he answers random trivia questions, and also mix in a little hockey talk as well. Grab your favourite bag of chips and come along for the ride! 

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Monday Mailbag - November 16th, 2015

November 16 2015 08:00AM


Welcome, friends, to another edition of the Mailbag where you ask our panel of literary wizards anything that pops into that creepy mind of yours. Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about. Creepiness aside, the mailbag only works because you guys send me your questions and I'm a little bit light going into next week. If you have a question for the Mailbag you can email them to me at or DM me on Twitter at @jsbmbaggedmilk. Now, it's time for you to learn something. Enjoy.

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November 16 2015 07:50AM

talbot capture 3

In Canada, the goalie has special status. I have a few friends who play goal in men's leagues, and they haven't paid for one damn thing hockey related in forever. Now, the phone rings day and night, their significant others have a love-hate relationship with the game, but you'd have to dig deep to find anyone who wasn't working hard to stay on their good side. Without a goalie, you're screwed. Every October in recent memory, the Oilers have been screwed.

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First Star, Worst Star: November 15, 2015

November 15 2015 03:46PM


Another day, another dollar, another edition of First Star, Worst Star! This week's edition is dedicated to Rhonda Rousey, whose soul left her body last night on live TV. Hopefully Rhonda from Canada Post can fill the hole that is now left in our hearts. RIP Rhonda, you will be missed. 

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November 15 2015 01:18PM

brossoit ferguson 14-15

If you're looking for the best goalie wearing Oilers (-ish) colors currently, it's Laurent Brossoit of the Bakersfield Condors. Is he NHL-ready? We may find out soon. Here's a look at the big hits from a week of hockey action across the globe.

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