Oilers vs. Jets recap

Jason Gregor
September 23 2015 10:27PM


I don't worry too much about the score in preseason games, especially when the opposition ices a lineup with minimal NHL players. The Jets roster had limited NHL talent, but the players who dressed are still trying to impress Paul Maurice, so the Oilers, despite having more skill, still needed to work hard.

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GDB -6.0: Here Come the Jets

Jason Gregor
September 23 2015 06:26PM


The good news about split squad games is that it eliminates two preseason games in one night. Todd McLellan is not a fan, because he didn't get to watch 20 players up close to see how they reacted on the road against a more established NHL roster, and I can understand his frustration, but selfishly, I like getting to the meat of the preseason games.

The Jets lineup tonight will be similar to the one the Flames dressed in Edmonton on Monday, only a few NHL regulars, but it does give us another opportunity to see how the Oilers and McLellan are adapting to one another.

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The Kentwood Ford Fantasy Hockey Draft

September 23 2015 02:59PM

My friends, once again it's time to put your hockey mind to use for a chance at glory and prizes. What am I talking about? The latest Nation Draft, of course. With the addition of Connor McDavid this season will be huge for the Oilers, and we wanted our regular season draft to follow suit. This is no ordinary Nation contest, my friends, you're going to want to get in on this one.

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WWYDW: Which of the Oilers’ second-tier defensive prospects will stand out this year?

Jonathan Willis
September 23 2015 11:17AM


Much has been made of Darnell Nurse starting the camp in the No. 9 hole on defence, but it’s worth remembering that there is a whole list of defensive prospects even further back, some of them pretty good and quite close to being NHL-ready.

In this week’s edition of WWYDW, we ask which of the Oilers’ second-tier defensive prospects stands the best chance of emerging as a real NHL’er in the near future.

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September 22 2015 07:35PM

chia capture12

Peter Chiarelli delivered his first Oilers roster to Todd McLellan and the two men are through the Penticton tournament and into pre-season on the way to the final 23-man list. No real signs from management and their leanings either way but it's early days. How's it going so far? 

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