August 03 2014 08:12AM


Many moons ago, the Edmonton Oilers passed on drafting Zach Parise. Why? Well, he was a small forward, and the Oilers had several in the system already. They were covered at that spot, no need for overkill. Best player available? NOPE! Marc Pouliot (flying, in photo) and J-F Jacques were the return for the draft pick that New Jersey used on Parise.

How's that working now? Well, let's see if we've learned any lessons.

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August 01 2014 10:31PM

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A year from now, Tyler Bunz (in photo by Rob Ferguson, all rights reserved) will have completed his entry-level deal. Edmonton will make a decision on Bunz and several other free agents—restricted and unrestricted—as they clean house and get ready to add another group of entry level players. Here's a quick look ahead at what might happen with Edmonton's 'bubbling under' prospects in 2015.

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Justin Schultz Becoming More

Jason Strudwick
August 01 2014 01:36PM

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Jake Gardiner signed a nice deal with the Leafs this weekend. Five years at roughly four million a season. Not a crazy number for the Leafs to swallow. Gardiner has got some stability contract wise, something NHL players love to have. Now that the deal is done it is time to park it and look at how he can become more.

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The Roundup

Nation World HQ
August 01 2014 08:05AM


Trevor Linden sparks the fighting in hockey debate, a Jake Gardiner type deal in Justin Schultz' future, Flames and Jets goaltending, Nail Yakupov talking the talk, and more in this week's roundup

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Learning to process the NHL game

Jason Gregor
July 31 2014 11:57AM


Is Darnell Nurse ready for the NHL? At this point no one can say for sure. He will be given every opportunity to make the Oilers during the preseason, and possibly for a few regular season games, but I still don't believe 12-14 games is enough time to know to make a proper assessment.

Determining if he is ready can't be gauged strictly on size, strength and skill, which Nurse has in abundance, because the biggest challenge most players face when making the jump to the NHL is reading and understanding the game.

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