Fact, fiction and update on Hall

Jason Gregor
March 11 2015 02:07PM


A comment by one of our readers in my last article piqued my interest, because I wasn't sure it was accurate. I went looking for the answers and I was happy I did. I learned a lot during the research, and uncovered one of the oddest, and worst, trades that I'd never heard about.

Today we look at that trade, how a new owner and management team changed an entire organization and give an update on Taylor Hall.

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Landing a Real Player at the Draft

Jonathan Willis
March 11 2015 12:28PM

Craig MacTavish2

If the Edmonton Oilers come back from Florida this summer with a bunch of shiny new prospects and nothing else, general manager Craig MacTavish will have failed in a significant way. The Oilers have a surplus of picks, enough cap space to take on salary, and a host of opponents facing a cap crunch. More importantly, they have a desperate need for NHL talent.

It still won’t be easy to make such a deal.

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The Future of The Captaincy

Matt Henderson
March 11 2015 10:15AM

Andrew Ference seems to be a true professional. He’s a physical fitness nut. He’s engaged in the community. He does all kinds of charitable and simply kind work using his celebrity to make the lives of others better. He’s played almost 900 NHL games and there’s every reason to believe he’ll hit 1000 before it’s all said and done. But it’s time to start wondering who will be the next captain of the Oilers.

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Robin Brownlee
March 11 2015 08:30AM

Maybe you thought Dallas Eakins was a pompous ass (I did) whose strut considerably outstripped his resume when the Edmonton Oilers named him head coach. Maybe you prefer the approach of Todd Nelson (I do) and want to see the interim tag removed from his title and have him signed as bench boss of the Oilers.

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March 10 2015 09:36PM

What a difference a year makes. This time last year, we were talking about the 'Deutschland Dangler' and the possibility of a big, skill center finally playing for the Edmonton Oilers. These months later? Sedated for McDavid?

Not so fast. Leon Draisaitl is writing an impressive story in junior.

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