September 19 2015 10:45AM


As the Oilers gather this morning in Leduc, we're all watching each player (well, our favorites and a few others) and how they perform during the next two weeks. Does it matter? Yes and no.

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Afternoon session...Day one recap

Jason Gregor
September 18 2015 04:49PM


Group A stepped on the ice at 10 a.m, and groups B and C came on at 12:45 p.m. You can see the Group A lineup here, and I suspect that group will play the Monday home game vs. Calgary, while Group B will be in Calgary Monday night.

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September 18 2015 02:54PM

smyth common

So many years and so many tears, wasted. The Edmonton Oilers cast away good men and true in the name of no one remembers and we walked countless steps to Rexall knowing in our hearts the season was in vain. The good times are on the way, but we can keep track of progress by checking off the boxes in reverse order of their disappearance a decade ago: Balance, reason, common sense. It's been a decade.

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Training camp day one: Morning session

Jason Gregor
September 18 2015 11:19AM


The Oilers hit the ice at 10 a.m in Leduc and Todd McLellan wasted no time setting the tone at practice. Thirty seconds into the first drill, he blew the whistle and reminded the players to move their feet at all times. "Practice with pace," he said.

The drill was a simple one. Players lined up in all four corners. They would leave in pairs from each end, make one cross-ice pass below the ringette line, skate with speed through the neutral zone, the puck carrier would pass it off at the offensive blueline, then drive the net and the puck carrier would shoot. Very simple, but he wanted them to drive the net. McLellan is adamant about driving the net.

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Oilers training camp guide

Jason Gregor
September 18 2015 09:15AM


The Oilers 35th training camp opens today with an overwhelming vibe of positivity. Oilers fans have not been this excited about a season in a long, long time. A new team president, general manager, head coach and the best prospect in the last decade have given Oilers fans optimism that their team will once again be competitive.

The Oilers begin their on-ice sessions with 59 players, and you should expect that number to drop rather quickly.

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