Random refreshed thoughts...

Jason Gregor
August 25 2014 11:17AM


Fresh off a two-week holiday, with the dog days of August behind us and rookie camps and main camps just around the corner, I feel energized and excited as we enter one of the best stretches in the sporting calendar.

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The Subban Comp

Jonathan Willis
August 24 2014 02:32PM


A little over a week ago, we learned from Jim Matheson that Justin Schultz’s camp was looking to the P.K. Subban bridge deal as a possible comparable in conversations with the Oilers, but that an average annual value starting with a “2” wasn’t something that had much appeal to them.

A few days after that, Bob Stauffer speculated that a one-year deal was the most likely route out of the current impasse between player and team.

What happens if we combine those two reports?

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August 24 2014 10:40AM


The Edmonton Oilers played a crazy and entertaining game of musical chairs with NHL goaltenders last season. From afar, I'm sure it looked a little nutty—the difference in established level of ability between Devan Dubnyk and Ben Scrivens is not great—but for Oiler fans it all made sense. In this way, it may be the ultimate example of why numbers get lost when the visual is so overpowering. Can it happen again?

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August 23 2014 09:58PM

marincin ferguson 1

If your favorite NHL team drafted a defenseman in the second round for ten seasons in a row, would they graduate three of them? Two? The dice have no memory, but Scott Cullen's work at TSN suggests there is a 28% chance a second round selection plays 100 or more NHL games. The Edmonton Oilers have devoted a lot of selections to defensemen in the top 100 picks since 2010. The odds are some are going to develop, right?

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August 22 2014 09:43PM

gordon common 2

Boyd Gordon had severe own-zone starts one year ago, and that's unlikely to change in the coming season. The Edmonton Oilers will use Gordon as a defensive zone security blanket and a penalty-killing machine. How will they use Nuge? Arco? Leon? Let's have a look. 

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