Oscar Klefbom and Adam Larsson

Jonathan Willis
September 13 2016 09:00AM


Peter Chiarelli had what we might charitably describe as a divisive summer, with the fan base split over both his choice of Adam Larsson as a long-term defensive solution and also the cost paid to acquire that player.

While the trade itself is highly debatable, what seems beyond dispute is the fact that the Edmonton Oilers will go into next season with a better top defence pair then they have iced in a long while.

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A Rogers Place Walk Through

September 13 2016 07:00AM

I guess they didn't go with a Costco after all. #RogersPlace #oilers #yeg

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After years of bickering, construction, red tape, and traffic delays I was finally able to walk around Rogers Place for the first time over the weekend. I don't think it would be a surprise for me to tell you that the place is absolutely awesome. Follow along as I take you on a journey into our shiny new toy where I'll cover the important things like food, beer vendors, and bathroom stalls. Let's do it!

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Power Play Defencemen

Jonathan Willis
September 12 2016 09:20PM


The Edmonton Oilers enter the 2016-17 season without a bona fide first unit power play defenceman. Still, the team has some in-house options for the coaching staff to look at.

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Monday Musings: Hockey is back, Edmonton's new rink is awesome and more

Jason Gregor
September 12 2016 02:00PM


I'm not a fan of John Tortorella, but he is the perfect character to re-kindle the Canada/USA rivalry. It is September 12th, and usually we aren't privy to exciting, chippy, highly-skilled hockey involving NHL players, but the World Cup provides an excellent opportunity to get excited about hockey again.

The two Canada-USA games were fun to watch. There was skill, great passes, precision shots and just enough animosity to get the juices flowing. Team North America skating circles around Team Europe reminded us how fast the game is becoming.

I can't wait for the tournament to begin, and then transition directly into the NHL season.

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Analyzing the Daily Faceoff Draft Guide: Do What You Can to Take McDavid

September 12 2016 01:00PM


Last week, our friends at DailyFaceoff released their annual Draft Kit, and I'm here to tell you why you should do everything in your power to draft Connor McDavid. If you're planning on winning your fantasy league this year, Connor is where I'd be trying to hitch my wagon. Anything less would be accepting defeat before the season even starts. 

You can get your downloadable copy of the DailyFaceoff Draft Kit over at the NationGear store right now! For just $4.95, the DailyFaceoff Draft Kit will help you find late round treasures and help you coast to fantasy victory.

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