Monday Mailbag - Use or Trade the 4th Overall Pick?

May 09 2016 07:00AM

Mailbag 11

The weekend is over, you're back at work, and you need a way to kill some company time until the Connorversary Party on June 24th at the Pint Downtown. With that, I introduce another edition of the Monday Mailbag. The mailbag only works because of you guys, if you have a question you can email it to me at Enjoy the break from productivity, my friends.

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Nation Network Prospect Profile - #51-#47

Ryan Biech
May 08 2016 01:00PM

As we start to approach the middle of the second round for rankings, things start to get interesting. The grouping of 51st to 47th has four defenceman and a winger who could conceivably go much earlier in June.

As we get to the middle of the second round, the ranked players become more and more intriguing. This grouping includes a former first overall pick in the QMJHL draft, a defenceman who put up 59 points, a standout at the U18's, the younger brother of a former 4th overall pick in the NHL and defenceman from the USDP with a high offensive ceiling. 

We will reference the Prospect Graduation Probabilities System (pGPS) throughout this piece, a more indepth explanation can be found here. But simply put, the system is used to see how often statistically similar players graduate into the NHL. It isn't used as the only point of reference or analysis, but is a complimenting tool to give us another angle to analyze these draft hopefuls.

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May 08 2016 11:19AM

edm defense war on ice

This is a depiction (via War-on-Ice) of the Edmonton Oilers defense in 2015-16. Oscar Klefbom faced the toughest opposition and won the possession battle, but could not stay healthy. Andrej Sekera and Mark Fayne battled well facing tough opps too, and then after that we have a plethora of good with bad (and one brilliant—Brandon Davidson) options. What do the Oilers need? Where can Peter Chiarelli look?

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May 07 2016 07:54PM

In a series that begins today, we are going to re-visit a magical time—the late winter, spring and early summer of 2006. The first chapter opens as we approach the trade deadline. A top flight NHL team is hanging around the final playoff spot, badly in need of a goalie. GM Kevin Lowe casts about looking for a solution, and my goodness did he find one.

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To The Front Of The Line

Matt Henderson
May 07 2016 10:09AM

I’m a big fan of the move to sign undrafted free agent Drake Caggiula by the Oilers. Edmonton’s draft record after the first round has been questionable at best. Although there have been a few promising players taken late, the team hasn’t been able to produce depth forwards capable of pushing into the club’s bottom six.

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