WWYDW: What Are We Cheering For?

January 07 2015 02:30PM

what would you do

Well Nation it's that time of year again. The Oilers were all but mathematically eliminated from the playoffs by November, complete apathy had set in well before Christmas, and we're scratching days into the wall of our cell as we countdown to another draft lottery. And just like we have for the past 5 seasons we've hit a fork in the road.

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Matt Fraser: Wise beyond his years

Jason Gregor
January 07 2015 12:38PM


Matt Fraser is five days younger than Jordan Eberle, but not much else about their hockey career paths is the same. They both played in the WHL. Eberle in Regina, while Fraser played eight games for Red Deer before being traded to Kootenay and playing four full seasons for the Ice.

Eberle was a first round pick, 22nd overall in 2008. Fraser went undrafted. At 20, Eberle was an NHL rookie, while Fraser was playing in final season in the WHL. The Dallas Stars signed the 20 year old to a three year entry level deal in November of 2010, and he debuted in their organization with Texas of the AHL in September of 2011.

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January 07 2015 09:35AM


When the Oilers are holding strong in 30th place, there’s not a whole lot of fun to be had around here (aside from #McDavidWatch2015).  Since having entertaining hockey to watch comes as often as Halley's Comet, I have to find other ways to keep us all entertained - hence the need for another contest.  Since last month’s contest was a photoshop contest, I decided to switch things up for January.  Ladies and gentlemen, it’s a Meme contest.

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GDB 41.0 Wrap Up: Red Wings @ Oilers

January 06 2015 10:42PM

Benoit Pouliot is a hero to the McDavid cause. Final Score: 4-2 Red Wings.

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GDB 41.0: Halfway to where?

Jason Gregor
January 06 2015 07:25PM


The Oilers did not start the season great. They were 7-19-5 in their first 31 games, which cost Dallas Eakins his job, and they are 2-3-4 with Todd Nelson/Craig MacTavish behind the bench.

They won 22.5% of their games with Dallas Eakins, and so far they have won 22.2% of their games with Nelson, however, they do have points in six of nine games (66%) under MacNelson, while only grabbing points in 12 of 31 games (39%) with Eakins.

The Oilers are playing better, but their winning % has yet to improve, although I expect it to under Nelson's direction.

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