September 07 2016 09:06PM

A year ago, we were talking about the one open spot among the Oilers top two lines: 2RW. Today, on the eve of training camp, 2RW stands as the unsolved mystery inside the top 6F.

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Edmonton Oilers Prospect Pyramid

Chris the Intern
September 07 2016 11:07AM

If you didn't see the video, LeafsNation vlogger and Sportsnet super personality Steve Dangle got fed up with prospect rankings, and decided to create his own method to rank prospects by using the Prospect Pyramid. I thought it was an interesting way of ranking prospects, as evaluating players who have never played an NHL game before can be difficult and subjective. 

The Prospect Pyramid groups players together in tiers. Players who share similar skill sets and potential are grouped together on the pyramid, and are separated from players who are not comparable. It is a platform that someone could look at and understand who they should pay attention to in the system and who they shouldn't. I wanted to do something similar, so here is my modified version of the Edmonton Oilers Prospect Pyramid. 

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Expansion draft 1.0

Jason Gregor
September 07 2016 09:15AM

Tom from asked me to submit a list of who I thought Edmonton would protect in the 2017 NHL expansion draft. It was based on today's roster, but I'm fully aware the list could change depending on how players perform as well as potential trades.

The Oilers' list was pretty straight forward for me when you look at who is exempt, players with only two NHL seasons, and those who have to be protected, players with no movement clauses. Today, I see the Oilers protecting Milan Lucic, Jordan Eberle, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Leon Draisaitl, Andrej Sekera, Oscar Klefbom, Adam Larsson, Brandon Davidson and Cam Talbot.

However, when I started filling out the other team's list (the page at GeneralFanager is awesome), I was surprised at some of the tough decisions teams will need to make next June.

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WWYDW: Which NHL veteran would you most like to see on a tryout deal?

Jonathan Willis
September 07 2016 07:00AM


Professional tryout offers have arguably become a more important tool in recent years for both general managers and players looking for NHL employment. The salary cap is of course to blame, as GMs have had to get better and better at using the money at their disposal, and as a result have become more selective in signing players.

Lee Stempniak is the poster boy for how effective a PTO can be. He signed with New Jersey after a strong training camp with the Devils last season and produced in a major way for the team, even garnering a sizeable draft pick return from Boston at the trade deadline.

In this week’s edition of What Would You Do Wednesday, we ask which remaining free agents Oilers fans would like to see in training camp on a tryout deal.

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Robin Brownlee
September 06 2016 01:00PM

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see the fuzzy-cheeked collection of players known as Team North America get after it at the World Cup of Hockey with Connor McDavid of the Edmonton Oilers leading the way.

While that might not be a take you expect from somebody of my vintage who has been accused from time to time of yelling and telling kids to stay the hell off my lawn – it’s true – TNA, a collection of the best and brightest 23-and-under players from the NHL, is the most intriguing team at the tournament for me.

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