September 15 2015 04:00PM

nurse ferguson2

Darnell Nurse arrives in pro hockey during a period of transition for the Edmonton Oilers organization. The club is feeling the burden of inflated contracts from under-performing veterans while also wanting to be patient with close to NHL-ready options. We know men like Nikita Nikitin and Andrew Ference have a 'due date' that extends to the end of their current deals, but could strong performances by the youngsters during training camp and in the fall hasten their departure?

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The Working Citizen's Contest Finalists

September 15 2015 01:56PM


Over the past week I've been collecting pictures of hard hats, photoshops of our beloved intern, and waiting for the moment when I could unveil them all. Today is the day when we crown a new champion. Today is the day when we start to learn which of the following heroes will win a brand new OilersNation hard hat courtesy of Jobsite Workwear. Ladies and gentlemen, these are your Working Citizen's Contest finalists. 

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McLellan's biggest challenge

Jason Gregor
September 15 2015 11:55AM


Todd Mclellan has coached 540 NHL regular season games. He's won 311 of them and coached the San Jose Sharks to the playoff in six of his seven seasons. He was let go after missing the post season last year with 89 points. He knows what it takes to win in the NHL and at his first press conference as Edmonton Oilers head coach, he made one comment about the Oilers which really stood out for me.

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Protecting Connor McDavid

Jonathan Willis
September 15 2015 10:00AM


It took all of one game for questions about the Edmonton Oilers’ ability to protect Connor McDavid to surface. It wasn’t a regular season game, which would have been too much to hope for, but I had been optimistic that we’d at least be able to wait until the preseason before the inevitable hair-pulling about the possibility of injury.

Instead, one clean hit in the first game of an almost entirely meaningless prospect tourney and here we are.

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All Over The Place: Young Stars Thoughts

Matt Henderson
September 15 2015 08:00AM

The Penticton Young Stars tournament is over for the Oilers, although they move on to play the Golden Bears on Wednesday. It was three games against their peers for young Oiler prospects to show their stuff to the club. The baby Oilers played the Canucks, the Flames, and the Jets. Here are a few things I took away from the tournament.

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