July 16 2014 04:41PM

rnh common5

Craig MacTavish accomplished much this summer, but the center position hasn't been addressed beyond an old phenom being replaced by a new one. I suspect the team may have overplayed their position, believing something had to shake loose and showing too much patience. That said, they do have options in the middle and some of these men are going to have long, productive NHL careers.

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Robin Brownlee
July 16 2014 12:31PM


There's been much written and discussed in recent weeks about GM Craig MacTavish's failure to address his lack of depth at centre with the Edmonton Oilers. That's unlikely to change until he adds a proven pivot because it's an obvious deficiency.

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Dog days of summer meet reality

Jason Gregor
July 16 2014 09:25AM


July 15th begins a long six-week stretch for hockey fans. The euphoria of the draft and free agency has subsided and now many start to dissect how their team's roster looks like. It is obvious the Oilers are light on proven NHL centres, but are you so desperate to add another centre that Derek Roy's signing in Nashville upsets you?

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2008-09 Springfield Falcons: Five Years Later

Jonathan Willis
July 16 2014 07:00AM


On Tuesday we glanced backward at the forwards of the 2008-09 Springfield Falcons, looking to identify how much future value the Oilers had stashed away on a largely inept team. The stars of the forward group were Gilbert Brule and Colin McDonald. Did the team fare any better in net or on defence?

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So much for the safety net

Jonathan Willis
July 15 2014 12:30PM

As Craig MacTavish and his staff attempt to fix the Edmonton Oilers woefully inadequate centre depth chart, they’ve had one luxury: a safety net. While talking trade with other managers and looking for the best possible fit, MacTavish and company could look out at free agency and see a pair of pretty good centres (whatever their warts) in Mike Ribeiro and Derek Roy and know that if a deal couldn’t be made they could likely scoop one up for not much money later in the summer.

That’s no longer the case.

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